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I’m a Delaware resident with 3 prior dui convictions. I just received a dui in New Jersey. Will they look at my Delaware priors?
Had three back to back prior dui conviction in Delaware. Last one was 6 years ago. I’m still currently a Delaware resident. Two weeks ago I received one in New Jersey and I refused to take the breathalyzer test. Will I be charged as a first time offender in New Jersey or will they look at my priors in Delaware?
No you are a fourth timer. You need an attorney big time. 180 day mandatory in jail for starters.
My lawyer failed to show up to 2 court dates on DUI matter, I pleaded guilty today, without him there..can a lawyer do this?
My lawyer has been awful, 3 appointments we had scheduled, he never came..2 weeks ago I had a court appearance which he told me to be there at 11, when I got there he was not there and a warrent had been issued for my arrest. Thankfully the judge agreed to recinde that and court was rescheduled for today, and once again my lawyer did not show, the judge waited from 8:30a until 11a to give him, my lawyer, a chance to show..he didnt, i pleaded guilty. Do I have recourse against my lawyer? He's been paid in full since 11/2016 can I get my money back?
I am shocked that the judge would accept the plea if you were not represented. More information is needed. This is...
What happens if someone takes a car unlawfully and is charge and doesn't have a license
my brother is in the hospital and his ex stole his truck and don't have a license I'm his poa
Well, does the ex have an ownership interest in the truck? Did she get permission from your brother at all? If she does...
Why am i being made to attend 16 week treatment on my first offense? Had attorney he never said anything in court.
I was out of my car with keys in hand and was still approached and given a sobriety test (failed). Charged with dui, got license back but suspended for not complying with 16 wk treatment, was evaluated twice and was told every one must do classes..upon second eval., they had my information mixed up with someone else...since then two people i know have gotten dui's but didnt have to do classes...i just want to pay my fines and surcharges so i can get license...believe have been unfairly treated and the process was not done within my legal rights...should have been reduced to a lesser charge...please help me get out of these classes.
Sounds like it's too late to "get you out of these classes." Speak with your lawyer abou the outcome of your case and...
Confused about prior DUI arrest?
I'm a little confused, I was arrested in 1999 for DUI in PA, I have NJ driver's license. I completed the ARD program and there was no impact on my NJ license. In May 2010 I was arrested in NJ for DUI. Will this count as my first? I'm assuming it will because there is no history on my driver's abstract but I was not 100% sure. Thanks.
You'll find out when you go to court, most likely. The charging document will indicate whether you are being charged...
If I have court for a DUI would I get deported?
I was pulled over on Saturday My court date is on Monday, I'm not a citizen. I was just under the influence of alcohol. would I get deported???
Your first date will be an arraignment date where the charges and your rights are explained to you. You will plead not...
Can you get reimbursement for towing/impound if I was not charged with DUI?
If was not charged with a DUI, and blew a .07 and .078, but officer still made me have a friend drive me home and never told me my car was impounded. He did inform me I was not able to retrieve my car 12 hours later but did not actually tell me it was impounded, and only found out the next day when I went back to the station. Is there a way I may be able to get a reimbursement for the towing/impound?
No. There was probable cause to impound your car. That does not mean "certain result". If you blew a .78 it is entirely...