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What are the possible charges(penalty) for a DUI in WA if I already had one in CA and my license was suspended for my DUI in CA
DUI in CA never taken care of suspended license, pulled over in WA charged DUI, missed court date due to financial problems getting back to Wa
You can find a grid of possible minimum sentence requirements at the Washington Courts website, here: https://www....
How can I get charges dismissed for something I didn't do, public defender is no help to me.
my girlfriend and I were out house shopping. On our journey we got a flat tire, put on the spare and went on our way. Well the spare went flat too. I called my dad for help he came out to us and took my girlfriend into town for a new tire and I stayed with the car cause my dad's truck only seats two. While they were gone, local police stopped at the car and started questioning me about the situation, Asked me for my ID and the vehicle information. I don't drive so don't have a licence. Then he proceeds to give me a field sobriety test to see if I was impaired.Asked me if I'd give a breathalyzer test and I refused, and was in fact not impaired in the slightest. In the end I got charged with dui and driving without a licence along with a scram and jail time. can police do this for no reason
The officer thought you were lying. Sitting in a car on the side of a road where you're not supposed to be parked at...
What does my son need to do to clear his record so he can get his drivers license?
He received a DUI in Washington State in 2005. He pleaded guilty in 2006 but left the state for work without completing his court mandated requirements other then his alcohol evaluation.
He probably has a warrant for his arrest, which is holding his license. Step one is to hire a lawyer and clear the...
I got my first DUI on the other side of my state and have no mode of transportation.
How can I deal with this? I was charged with A DUI hundreds of miles from my home and have no means of transportation to the courts. I want to plead guilty and get this over with so I can join the army. Any suggestions?
First, DO NOT plead guilty just to get it over with. These are dang serious and will have a long term impact on you....
Dui from .026
i was pulled over for speeding and was asked to take a sobriety test so i did and i believe i was just fine.. he asked me to take a breathalyzer and said i didnt have to, so i refused and was placed under arrest for dui then took it at station and blew .026. if officer filled out wrong color of car and my info wrong off my licence like color of my hair and weight could i use that if needed?
You don't say how old you are, but if you are under 21 they can charge you with Minor Operating after Alcohol simply...
Got mip 10 months after arrested for DUI.
I was arrested for a DUI 10 months ago and just got an mip but I'm not on probation I'm just not supposed to get in trouble for two years until my next court date. When I got my mip I was with friends 21 and over I wasnt drinking but the officer assumed I had been. He did not breathalyze me or give me a sobriety test just wrote me the citation. Am I going to face any jail or can I fight this I've been doing fine and I had nothing to drink that day the cop just didn't like me for some reason.
Well, "the cop didn't like me" will definitely not be a valid excuse but you might be able to avoid substantial jail...
Can i become an attorney in wa state with 2 duis(one of the duis i deffered) and a bad credit score
i would love to be an attorney and help people with similar offenses
You're going to have to check with the state bar association.