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Is their a limitation on this?
On march first 2013 i recieved a dui in michigan while on parole. Went to jail but was never arraighned. i served 38 days in a program and was placed on alchohol teather just fore the violation. Now over two years later and i have yet to be contacted. No warrents still to this day. am i all clear?
If there is no warrant let that sleeping dog lay.
I live in Michigan. My question is, we were hit by a drunk diver and there were no injuries but the car was totaled.
I live in Michigan. My question is, we were hit by a drunk diver and there were no injuries but the car was totaled. We had liability coverage only on the car. In Michigan they have what is called a mini-torte (I believe that is how that's spelled) If we accept the $1000 mini-torte from the other persons insurance company, can we still file litigation to recover further costs for car replacement or are we giving up our right to sue? Thank you
Your recovery for your car is limited to $1,000. If there weren't any injuries, chances are that there isn't anything...
I just received a dui last month and I received my audio video. I can tell it has been tampered with.
I get sentence next week and I took the plea. Once I received and reviewed my audio video, it shows my blowing one time, but in reality I blew four times and the video does not show that. I also didn't received my in house video that shows me blowing four times. How can I prove it has been tampered with?
Why did you plead without seeing all there evidence? Are you saying you are actually innocent?
I have three duis within ten years time in michigan, is there any way to maybe get a restricted to and from work?
i got 1st in 2004 my second in 2007 and my third in 2008 but wasnt convicted until 2009.
The Michigan Secretary of State can tell you exactly when you are eligible to apply for a driver's license again. It...
I have 3 duis in michigan which makes me a felon, is there any way to have my gun rights restored ? my last conviction was in 09
i was never involved in any accidents first-04 second-07 third-09
Nothing realistic. Federal law is very strict on felon weapon possession. Sorry I can't give you better news.
What do i do?
I was taking a someone to work, i was told by them that they are 26, i have a restriction on my licence not to have anyone under 25 in my car. So i figured i was ok. i was pulled over for a brake light being out, turns out this "friend" was actually 22 and just needed a ride to work. I got a ticket for the brakelight, not having proof of insurance and offence of restriction. i got the first two signed off on but i dont know what to do on the restriction?
Driving outside of your restrictions is a misdemeanor - i.e. it will wind up on your criminal and driving record if you...
I was ordered to get an interlock device on my car. My charge didnt even concern drinking and driving, how is this legal ?
I was charged with Domestic violence and when the police had came they realized i was drinking during their questioning ( the following day ) and I admitted i was drinking during the time of the allegation. I was now ordered by the court to have an interlock device put on my car....how is this even legal ? I have never even been charged with alcohol and driving yet though my crime in no way involved driving I have to have this device installed....they may as well refer shoplifters to anger management or drug programs, it makes as much sense.
The court can tailor the sentence any way they see fit within the guidelines..You will have to make a motion before the...