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Do I have to wait the full 45 days after pleading out my case to get my dirver's license back?
I recently plead to a continuance without a finding on driving drunk. It was my first and only offense. I was arrested in Boston on June 6 and was allowed on June 20 to get the continuance without a finding for one year. I was told my driver's license was suspended for 45 days (so by August 4th I guess I can get my license back). My question is-- even though I already plead my case on June 20, do I have to wait the full 45 days to get my regular driver's license back? Or if I am eligible, should I try to get one of those sunset licenses?
What you're referring to is a "hardship" or "cinderella license. You are eligible to apply for one so long as you can...
24d drunk driver program
I'm going to a 24d program tomorrow issued by court for dui, my question is do they test for alcohol? I'mean trying to enjoy my Friday night and don't want to call to jail for drinking the night before, I'm only trying to get a buzz not wasted. So drinking bad idea?
This question does not require legal advice. I would strongly advise against drinking of any kind during this process....
Can someone get an OUI for sleeping at the wheel at a red light? passed all sorbiety tests but had parafanalia in his car
my fiancee fell asleep at the wheel at a red light, he works odd hours and is exhausted all the time. a cop pulled him over a gave him a sobriety test and he passed. the cop proceeded to check his truck and found a needle. took him into custody,i bailed him out and the judge the next day ordered drug/alcohol tests. he went into court last monday and they said he failed 1 of his alcohol tests. they took him to a correctional facility for detox but he didn't have anything in his system, now he is on the rehab side. no one called me (fiancee) to let me know anything!!! please help me! i haven't gotten anywhere with all the phone calls I've made. his court appointed attorney promised he would call me with details and nothing.. he had my car keys and i can't get them back!!
Well, you are in a tough situation because you are not the defendant so you are not in a position to affect the...
If I got an oui drugs and my license gets suspended before I go to trial, can my fiancé still drive the car registered to me?
I was issued ticket for oui drugs because of paraphernalia they found in my truck. Cop sent letter to DMV saying I was immediate threat so they will suspend my license. I don't go to court until 3/30/15. My fiances car is in my name, can she get in trouble? What should I do? I passed field sobriety test but he still booked me on oui drugs
The restriction is on you driving, not her. If you really want to be safe, transfer HER car back to HER name. You...
I am a MA resident and I have a DUI conviction in NH, do I have to follow all of the NH rules in order to get my MA license back
Do i really need to get the SR-22 insurance if I am a MA resident? I do not reside in NH but I am receiving notices and information if I were a resident including a hearing with the Dept of Safety to determine if I would need to install a ignition interlock device even though my judge ruled I would not need one installed. I am very confused as to what I can do and who to turn to. I feel like I'm being treated as if i have dual residency in each state. I want to know if this is indeed true, if there was anything that I could do to not have to follow the NH reinstatement laws and just follow my home state laws of reinstatement. This whole process has been completely stressful and a nightmare which does not seem to have an end point.
Yes. The RMV will require an SR-22 when you go in to the hearing officer to get reinstated or a hardship license....
Is a CWOF for leaving the scene of an accident sealed automatically?
I served probation for it which ended in September 2013. Do I have to petition the court and claim hardship in order to get this sealed?
Although a CWOF may appear as a dismissal on your record, it is never removed from your probation record that is...
I recently was charged with 2nd DUI. 1st was eight years ago. I originally was going to fight it but just can't afford lawyer.
The real problem I am dealing with is that prior to this DUI I made plans to move out of state. I have everything in motion to do so. If I plead guilty will I be forced to stay in Ma.. Both offenses happened in Ma. I am petrified and don't know what to do? If I don't tell court I am moving and do after sentence what am I looking at?
You need to call a lawyer ASAP most lawyers have free consultations and just because you are charged does not mean you'...