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That's correct. Second offense for purposes of disqualifying you from supervision. However you can get an MDDP. If you...
I have 2 dui convictions. I'm about to get a work permit with the BAID device.
No, two convictions, you cannot ever obtain a CDL under current law. Sorry.
In MN, I had two DUI arrests in the '80s as a Wisconsin resident (both were reduced to careless), and I was convicted of DUI in '99 as an Illinois resident. I was just convicted of DUI in Illinois and had my DL revoked. The only time I submitted to a test was with the MN conviction. My abstract shows the MN revocation, but I was never notified of it. (Illinois apparently never knew, either.) To get my IL license reinstated, I have to clear up the MN "driving privilege" revocation. Can I do both at the same time, meaning the treatment/counseling/etc. I'm doing in IL will satisfy MN's requirements? What about resinstatement hearings? Do I need a MN attorney?
You likely won't need a MN attorney to help you with this. First, contact the MN DMV at 651-296-2025 and have them...
I would like to know if i can legally drive my motorized 750 watt scooter to work while my liscence is suspended in illinois?
This type of question should be answered by an Illinois Attorney. I can say that in the State of Maryland, the...
In a DWI/DUI arrest case does police need consent of driver to have a Blood alcohol level drawn ? And if police does not use implied consent law to draw blood for BAC especially when intoxication and an accident may have been suspected, is that deviation from standard protocol.
Consent or a warrant. are needed for a DUI, but it doesn't mean they won't charge you.
I moved from IL to NY and got a DWaI here. I paid all the fines, went to court, etc and it all ended here so I went to the DMV to get my license after the NY suspension period and IL had put a hold on my license. My question is what are my options? My license was expired and I paid the fine for driving without a valid license. Doesn't that mean I was driving without a license? How does IL have the right to punish me for something I did in another state without a license (the only connection to IL)? Should I get an OOS hearing packet and do that whole thing as it said on the Sec of State's website? Or is my only option trying to get it down to reckless driving? I don't want to go back to court so this is not really an option for me. Also can someone tell me if Im actually charged in IL now?
Have you paid the reinstatement fee or whatever is required in NY? You will not be able to get an IL DL unless and...
I was convicted with a DWaI in NY where I live. But my problem here is that my license has been revoked (as in IL has put a national hold on DMV registry) even after all of the court, state and DMV reinstatement fee and finishing out my NY suspension. IL did not give me a summary suspension of 6-months like would be for the average first-time IL license holder. Mine was revoked. First, let me see if I understand: - NY's DWaI (BAC below .08) = IL DUI - Expired IL license = still an IL license (last valid state lic) - First time DUI offense -> summary suspension of 6 months - CONVICTION of DUI w/o lic in IL = aggravated DUI = revoked. I was convicted in NY and driving w/o license was dropped. I was CONVICTED of DUI. IL cant revoke based on what my conviction WOULD've been had I been in IL?
Were you driving on a IL license when you got your DUI in NY? If so, your problems your facing are because you were...