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Does Oregon sentence you on the 2nd dui if you already have one in another state
I am on deferral from my 2nd dui in Washington. I got a dui in Oregon last weekend will they charge me with my 1st,2nd,or 3rd dui in Oregon
In Washington state, a deferred prosecution counts as a prior for purposes of calculating the mandatory minimums within...
I am being charged with a DUI based on Police Report with false statements. Can I sue the cop in civil court for false report?
The city is charging me with a DUI and the lawyer says it's based primarily on the police report filed. Within the report the officer states that witness "A" said I was driving. Witness "A" did not say that to the officer and will testify in court to such should we go there. Witness "A" wasn't even there till after the cop arrived. Also the officer stated that there were other witness's to say I was driving, but can't produce any names, etc. I absolutely was not behind the wheel, so there can't be any witness's to such. I shouldn't have to pay for a crime based on false statements by this officer and want to know if I can sue him in civil court for all the monetary loss, etc. this has caused me.
Yes you can. However, in general police officers are immune from being sued for actions on the job. You would have to...
My boyfriend got a bench warrant for dui while being deported to mexico what to do and how long does it stay active
dui, warrants , deporttion
If he was deported there isn't much you can do as he can't appear. If it becomes a problem in the future when he tries...
Can you go deffered on a third DUI?
My Nephew got 2 Dui's 6 years ago and this last weekend got a 3rd. Can he go deffered on this one if he hasnt in the past?
Possible Consequences of DUI
The Legal Procedures When you are arrested for a DUI, two distinct procedures are triggered: a COURT CASE and an ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION. They happen at the same time and are, for the most part, inde
I need my dui reduced to reckless driving
I blew .14 Went to my first hearing and the prosecutor offered me the min fine and only on day in jail I went for my alcohol assessment me I was told I had 0 of the 11 triggers and was told I need to go to just one 8 hour class. I did not hit anyone or anything. I got caught swerving and speeding. What is the likelihood of getting this reduced to reckless driving? What do I need to do to make that happen?
The only way for a reduction to occur is to be represented by an experienced DUI defense attorney who will be able to...
How to find the best DUI representation
Speeding, was pulled over, was offered to walk the line. Due to medical condition and road conditions I explained that no time could I walk a straight line, he then administered an eye test. I informed him the was too bright and directly in my sight so it was hard to see the pen the whole time ( upon speaking to an eye doctor I was told this is called bleaching in the eyes and that most wouldn't be able to see the pen that great) he then said true around under arrest for DUI. I was taken in and held before they gave me a breathalyzer, never told me what I blew and was held for almost 44 hrs before being bailed out. Curios what my outcome looks like
It's impossible to assess what's going to happen here. Do your research. Your situation isn't uncommon whatsoever. It's...