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Will a 13 year old DUI revocation in Florida prevent me from transfering my NYS drivers license to an Alabama Driver's License?
In 1993 I moved to Florida from NY. I transferred my valid NY license to a Florida D.L. In 2000 I was convicted of a DUI in Florida; my FL D.L. was revoked and I served 9 months in jail. Upon being released in the spring of 2001 I moved back to New York State and applied for and received a New York State driver’s license and have been driving legally for the past 13 years. I have never complied with Florida’s DUI class requirements, paid the lien or cleared the revocation with their DMV. My Drivers License in Florida is still in a “Revoked” status and I am sure that there is a NDR record. My company has offered me a promotion which will require relocating to Alabama and I really want to accept the job. If there is an NDR record from FL how likely is it that Alabama will deny me a license?
I suggest you re-post your question on the Alabama Avvo page.
First time dwi and no prior record what happends know?
have a dwi for the first time and no prior record.what am i facing?
We can't answer the question without some more information. What was the reading? How were you caught? And lots more....
I dont have a license nor a record but was reciently charged with dui and driving without a license?what am i facing
the added i refused a breathalyzer
First Offense? Up to a year in jail (unlikely for a first offender without an accident or a high breath test reading) a...
New York criminal procedure, time limit for filing charges for DUI
My son was received a ticket for DWI on SEpt 28 and along with the charge, he received an appearance ticket for OCT 14. When we appeared in court, the judge advised that the charges were never filed, so there was nothing he could do. He told us to return on Nov. 10, As of Friday, Oct 31, the charges still have not been filed. Is there a time limit as to when the charges must be filed? Or do we just keep waiting month to month?
Normally there is no set time frame for when a DAT has to be replaced by acriminal complaint, but usually the courts...
Out of State revocation/suspension, now reside in NY for work--how to get conditional license in NY?
I had an IL license when I was pulled over for a DUI in NY. I was convicted of DWaI here in NYS and I waited out NYS suspension and am now cleared in NY. Now my license is suspended for a minimum of 1 year in IL still. Because of the national hold by IL, the DMV here in NY is telling me they can't give me any kind of license. They can't give me a conditional because my NY issues/suspension have been cleared. All I can do is wait for IL to clear and then I can apply for a NY license...Problem is: I am going to lose my job if I can't drive and I can't afford that. I'm a recent college grad! I'm literally by myself up here so I don't know anyone out here who can help drive me or anything either. Is there some sort of conditional/hardship/restricted permit I could apply for in the meanwhile?
There are several courses and steps you can complete in New York which will allow you to obtain an IL conditional...
DMV said after my year was up that I couldn't get my license for 5 years due to my 3rd dwi within 7 years. Can I fight that?
Its going on 2 years was wondering if I could fight dmv and at least get a conditional license for back and forth to work. They said I can reply after 5 years is there anything else I can do to try and get it back sooner? or is that the final answer?
After exhausting the administrative appeals process you can bring an Article 78 in Supreme Court in an attempt to have...
I have an aggravated DWI with a reckless driving, nothing I on my record is a felony...can I still buy and carry a weapon?
Have a couple petite larcenys but nothing is any worse on my record
That is up to your local licensing agency.