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Quartzsite Crime

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  • Shooting suspect apprehended in Quartzsite

    Jul 1, 2015 | via Palo Verde Valley Times 

    Times report Quartzsite Police Department assisted Blythe Police in spotting and helping bring Christopher Beynon into custody after he was suspected of shooting a 27-year-old Blythe man on West Wisconsin Street Saturday evening. Quartzsite Police received an "attempt to locate" request from Blythe Police June 28 after the local authorities reached out to surrounding communities for suspects in a certain vehicle.


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Quartzsite Law

AZ DMV is putting a hold on my CA license.
About 3 yrs ago I got a DUI in AZ. The magistrate told me that since my license was from CA, do whatever CA DMV requires and that would satisfy the court. I did and now the AZ DMV demands that I install a interlock device in my car in order for them to release the hold on me CA license renewal. Is there any way that I can fight this? I completed everything that CA DMV required and submitted all info over to the AZ court and served a weekend in jail. I thought everything was complete until now. Please help
If you got a DUI in Arizona 3 years ago you would have been ordered to do the interlock. There is no exceptions to...
Arizona dui and dui drug questions
I just recieved my paperwork telling me Ihave a court date on the 29th. I'm being g charged with dui and dui drug metabolite. I do not have any way to pay for a lawyer. I'm guessing I'm going to get a public defender. I hear I will with out a doubt loose my liscence for 1 year. I'm so disappointed in my self I can't stop cryjng. I have no record. I live alone and my ability to drive to work is everything. Also I want to be a hyginest.. am I. Hopeless? I realise this is my fault. But I've corrected my behavior and am trying not to ruin my future if it's not to late. Help
No, assuming this is your first offense, you're not hopeless. You may be eligible to apply for a restricted license...
Personal injury / drunk driver
I was parked in a parking spot not illegally . Was in walmart parking lot for maybe 10 minutes. Big ford 150 plowed into me not once but backed up twice again and hit into my driver door. Shaking me in shock. He also had a visor on you know the sunblocker. Cops came Have three witnesses Man got arrested for extreme dui. Went to ER immediately after Have sprains throughtout spine Have whiplash But the vision of what i ent thru lingers cant shake it Should i get a lawyer?!
Any injury to the neck can be serious, and best to get medical attention to get it checked out. A local personal...
I left AZ around 10 years ago due to a felony DUI. I have searched online and canot find anything related to the inncident.
I was charged with a misdemeanor and when I showed up in court it was changed to a felony I have called the maricopa warrant hotline and given them my s.s # and nothing came up. About 5 years ago was jailed on public intoxication in arcadia,ca and released the next morning no charges against me.
OK. Are you asking if the case has been dismissed? If so, what I would do is call several bail bond companies in...
I'm seeking a military veteran to take an equity share of a company that works with homeless veterans for an agg. dui.
I have an agg. dui from Oct. I invested all my monies into a new venture and only have equity. I am an advocate for homeless veterans and suffer PTSD myself. The officer lay in wait and has multiple offenses and cases thrown out of his own.
Thank you for your service to our country. What is your legal question?
Got a DUI, minor accident. Did jail, AAA meetings, paid fine. But didnt pay for damage to other vehicle 30 years ago.
Any statue of limitations? 68 now and would like my license back.
Then you need to pay the restitution. Are you referring to the restitution on the DUI case or a completely separate...
Can a medical marijuana patient be convicted of a DUI charge if evidence cannot prove impairment?
I'm being charged with 2 charges: One is for the metabolite of marijuana (Hydroxy and Carboxy) and the other is for the impairment (Delta 9) of the drug. My case is if I am a daily user of course there is going to be metabolite in my blood because the hydroxy and carboxy are stored in the fat being released slowly over time. Which means I could of used 3 weeks ago and it would still come up in a blood test. Now with the Delta 9 impairment there is no limit (like alcohol) or bar. If I was a daily user my tolerance of impairment would be a lot higher than someone who used for their first time. So how could they say I was impaired if they have no bar of impairment like they do with alcohol if you blow over 0.15?
My friend, this is what trials are for. You can make this argument to a jury and the DA can make theirs and your peers...