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Pulled over for high beams when I didn't have them on and got a DUI
I was driving on a quiet rural road late at night after having a few drinks. I passed a police officer, I saw her turn around to chase me immediately. No lights on at this point. While she was turning around, I quickly pulled over to the side of the road and stopped to park very legally near a house that I was going to. She then got behind me and turned on the lights. In the process, I was arrested for DUI. I've observed cops in this same area turn around and aggressively follow drivers at night for no reason a number of times. I've even been followed myself late at night. Then she told me that I had my high beams on and that was the reason for being pulled over. I know for a fact that I didn't have them on. I believe that she pulled me over because I stopped and parked quickly at night. I also checked the next day and the high beams were still off. I don't know if this department has a dash cam or not, I am convinced that would prove that they were not on. So is it my word against hers if no dash cam? I am 100% certain that I was pulled over because it was late at night. Can I go out with my own dash cam another night and prove that they do this? Thanks.
It does admittedly sound suspicious that she did not pull you over immediately. Showing that it is a common practice...
In Pennsylvania, are 3 tier 3 Dui convictions in ten years different penalty wise to 2 tier 3 convictions and 1 tier 2?
Ive been charged w a 3rd offense dui of bac .16 or greater. Looking online I discovered that one of the previous convictions was actually in the .10-.16 range. My public defender said this has no bearing on the penalties, but that doesnt seem correct to me. Am I wrong?
You are incorrect and your attorney is right. The rating of the prior DUIs does not matter only that their were two...
Can a public drunkenness citation be charged as a DUI at a later time?
My girlfriend was at a bar with friends from about 9pm-2am. During this time, she had a meal and consumed between 2-3 beers. She drove her car to a friends apartment that was within a few miles of the bar. However, she was using a GPS service, and rolled through a stop sign. She was then pulled over and given a breathalyzer test. It took 4-5 tries, at which point the last attempt was a .2 (which she says could not have been possible). The officer gave her a citation for running a stop sign and public drunkenness, then drove her to the friend's apartment. He told her he was letting her off easy, and he did. However, on the citation he did note she was driving, and appeared intoxicated. Is it possible that a judge, or the officer, will turn around and charge her for a DUI after the fact?
Not likely. But, she should pay the citation as soon as possible. Once the guilty plea is entered, she cannot be...
Can my underage drinking charge be changed from an underage to a disorderly conduct at the hearing?
I have been working with the police officer, and in return he told me that my charge will be dropped from an underage to a disorderly conduct. I got a hearing date in the mail, and he tells me that the charge will be changed at the hearing. I was wondering if I should believe him or not?
"Working with him"? You should have had the assistance if counsel befrie embarking in that job. Without counsel you are...
Is there a statute of limitations on a DUI?
I know a friend that got a DUI in May 2009. They sent her to ARD classes and she finished that program. The next thing she was told would be a hearing that they would take her license and tell her the total cost in fines and fees. She hasn't heard from anyone since. Could they still take her license and charge her?
During the ARD Process, you waive the right to a speedy trial. Thus, there is no "statute of limitations." In...
Completed ARD IN 2013, GOT another DUI IN 2016.
If u had ur 1st offense of DUI expunged from ur records, then way does the court system look at this offense as a 2nd offense? If u had it erased then it's gone right? Can I fight my so called 2nd offense as double jeopardy? I think I can. What's ur opinion? Could this be used at my hearing?? Thank you
Unfortunately you are confusing a few things. When your record was expunged from your first DUI, it was only cleared...
Will I get drug tested in ARD program for receiving a DUI along with possession of marijuana charge?
I was already accepted into the ARD program a few months ago. Still waiting to receive my license back. I was wondering if I would be contacted for random drug testing during my year of UnSupervised probation. Asked my attorney and he was no help so I will no longer do business with him.
Treatment and/or testing in ARD usually depends on the results of 2 things: (1) the Drug & Alcohol evaluation, and (2)...