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  • Book Chronicling 1984 Murder of Pleasanton Teen Divu...

    19 hrs ago | via Patch.com 

    More than three decades after one of Pleasanton's most notorious murders, a book detailing the harrowing story of the 14-year-old girl brutally stabbed 44 times while walking home to school will soon be released. Pleasanton native Josh Suchon tells the story of Tina Faelz' grisly murder in 1984 and how DNA evidence eventually lead to Steven Carlson's arrest in 2011 and conviction in 2014.


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  • U.S. Military to Reinvestigate Wardak Killings and T...

    Tuesday Aug 25 | via Daily Kos 

    In February 2010, at the time of the surge in Helmand, a U.S. Special Forces detachment in Uruzgan called in airstrikes on three minibuses carrying unarmed civilians, killing some 21 people. General Stanley McCrystal went on Afghan television to apologize for the killing of civilians, promising "a thorough investigation to prevent this from happening again".


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  • C&H Precision Weapons Expands With Addition of H...

    Tuesday Aug 25 | via AmmoLand 

    C&H Precision Weapons, manufacturers of the highest-quality custom-built precision rifles, have announced they have expanded their operations to include custom grip, slide and barrel machining work through the recent addition of their newest machinists, Chris Heinkel and Fierr 'Kazz' Castaneda. Specializing in slide, barrel and grip modifications, Heinkel and Castaneda bring over six years of experience in machining to the company.


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  • Slain baby's dad says he - freaked out'

    Saturday Aug 8 | via The Star Press 

    Slain baby's dad says he 'freaked out' A man held in the death of his infant son says he "freaked out" after dropping the baby. Check out this story on thestarpress.com: http://tspne.ws/1NhOreB After giving police "multiple versions" of the events that led to his 5-month-old son's death, Cory Wallace on Friday finally admitted he had caused the infant's fatal head injuries, according to an affidavit.


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  • Marine Brass Endorses M4 Rifle

    Tuesday Aug 4 | via AmmoLand 

    Marine leaders have made the momentous recommendation to ditch the iconic M16 in favor of the M4 carbine as the new universal weapon for infantrymen. The recommendation to swap the venerated rifle that has served as the grunt's primary implement of war since Vietnam now sits on the commandant's desk, pending his final review and a decision.


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  • 3 decades ago, the FBI launched a database to catch ...

    Aug 1, 2015 | via Silicon Alley Insider 

    QUANTICO, Virginia-More than 30 years ago, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a revolutionary computer system in a bomb shelter two floors beneath the cafeteria of its national academy. Dubbed the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, or ViCAP, it was a database designed to help catch the nation's most violent offenders by linking together unsolved crimes.


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  • Boca's Broken Sound Golf Course Broken

    Jul 30, 2015 | via Boca News Now 

    Boca Raton Police are investigating vandalism to the golf course that left a whopping $2500 in damage to the greens. What happened? It appears - and this is preliminary - but it appears someone drove a vehicle onto the 13th fairway.


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Quantico Law

My friend got a DUI in manassas what should he do moving forward?
What are the consequences if he goes to court without a lawyer, is there any chance of expungement since it is a first offense? What the worst case and best case scenario?
This is serious and I would not go at it alone. Find a local attorney who will protect you and your rights. Also...
I have a friend who just received there 4th dwi. Their 3rd was in 2004 more then ten years ago. What are they facing?
They also are charged with licensed revoked (dwi/mansl): dr w/o lic and dwi mansl What does this mean?
This is a very serious situation. Based on what I see your friend is charged with dwi manslaughter and their charges...
I had a dui driver license suspension in CA. if the suspension period is over in ca and I moved to va can I get a va license
Suspension was for 6 months and I never renewed or requested restricted license because I didn't have a car.
Sure you can get a virginia license. However, I have seen this happen before, where virginia upon hearing of the out...
How will a past DUI affect my chances of getting a teaching job in Virginia?
It was over 7 years ago.
A DUI is not a categorical bar to becoming a teacher, but it is a factor the school district may consider in reviewing...
I was parked at a public parking lot and the cop took me out and i was charge with second Dui is there a chance to win this case
I had a first dui over 6 year and my secon one now . I was parked at a public parking lot it was cold so i had the car on to use the heater. I had called my mother but the police didnt ask and you told me to step out of the car .
Yes, possibly, but you're going to have to hire an attorney to fight on your behalf.
I just got off probation for third dui. Will i have to do asap and if so will i have to register myself or will they contact me?
The judge did not order any programs such as asap. Also this was three dui in 10 years.
First, the answer to this question would involve more facts than are currently in the prompt. Second, the answer to...
What are the statue of limitations on alcohol related charges in Denver, CO.?
Was charges with a DUI and never went to court.
First you need to ask an Attorney in Denver this question. But the statute of limitations does not run/expire because...