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  • Woman Says She Reported Abuse Years Before Teen's Mu...

    Monday Aug 14 | via NBC Philadelphia 

    More than a year after Grace Packer's death, a foster child who once lived with the girl is speaking out, claiming she not only saw her being abused by her adoptive parents but that she also reported it. More than a year after Grace Packer was murdered, allegedly by her foster mother and her boyfriend, a woman who says she once lived with the girl is speaking out, claiming she reported that the girl was being abused by her foster parents years before her murder.


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What are my outcomes? Dui on past another but for a drug?
Was pulled over for failing to stop out of a parking lot. Which happened to be my favorite bar/hangout was closing time hadden drank in hrs. Cop turned around by the time he caught up with me i was in my parking space car off in my plot. He asked me why i thought i was stoped i told him cuz i was leaving the bar and u guys thought u were gettin lucky with a drunk person..Asked if i had been drinking i said not he seemed to beilve me n then all of sudden he smelled weed i said no thats all the trash in my car literally. He excourts me out car given sobrietys its freezing i worked a 15hr shift cold tired n in a dark pkot i failed sobriety searches my car for 20 mins n finds a lil bowl with no parafinalit in it idk even know where it came from aressts me i give blood now i had a bac of .02 but had thc in my blood from idk maybe a few weeks before n i tested posted for meth which absolutley not.. whats going to happen to me.. i have a public defender appt this week. Do i need a lawyer? How do i have meth is my system other than my inhaler for bad asthma? Prior dui ard was in 2013 or 2014. Is this my 2nd?
You absolutely need a lawyer (a public defender is a lawyer). You will receive the charges (criminal complaint) in the...
Will I be on parole or probation after my 30 day house arrest in bucks co pa for my 2nd dui? If so, Will it be non reporting?
I want to know what to expect when I'm off house arrest. Can I have an occasional drink? Will I have to take drug tests? Will I have to see a parole officer?
Yes you will be on parole. I dont know what your sentence was but there is always parole. That is the longer number...
Looking for advice as to how I should proceed with back credit for DUI sus. where I did not receive credit for lic. surrendered.
License expired on 8/2009. Had an issue with renewing and took until 10/2009 to which I was given a photo card for new picture. Arrested for DUI on 6/2010. Sentenced on 2/2011 and surrendered D/L (expired as I never went to get photo with photo card which had expired on 12/2009) although I did not have expired photo card because it had expired already. 1 yr suspension. Received second arrest on DUI and also driving on DUI suspension. I had no licence or ID to turn in and clerk just made note on his paperwork. Received 18 month suspension plus one year interlock in 2012. Met all requirements by courts and thought 12/2014 was reinstatement. Went online to penndot one month before reinstatement date and found that a DL16lc was needed. Have all supporting Docs. Now states 2018 I get it back?
Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses. Many of us...
I was stopped for headlight out, car searched,didn't find anything ,handcuffed and taken to hospital for blood test
I didn't drink or do drugs so I don't understand their reason for this.
Were you cited for anything? More information is needed. Call a qualified defense attorney to discuss these events.
I have ard court coming up in July for a DUI, I was wondering if they'll take my license that day or will pendot send me somethi
and how long is a DUI for marijuana? I was told 60 then 30 then I was told it doesn't get suspended for ARD?
You seem to be getting conflicting information from different sources. You need an experienced and reliable attorney...
Once pleading guilty to a crime (misdemeanor) dui, and accidental theft, .... can I EVER have them taken off my record?
4 dui's ...... driving on a dui suspended license ..... simple assault, ...... and accidental theft....
Ever is a long time and the law may change. But the short answer for now is probably "No". You seem to have a long...
I violated parole with 2 first offense dui's. Went to jail for about 60 days. Will I go back
They released me because my max out date for parole came up. Now my p.o. is saying he wants to schedule a pov hearing. Is this possible now my parole is maxed. I was convicted about a week before my max out date. He said he filled for it over2 months ago but some reason the county never gave a court date.
You need to speak with an attorney in your area that handles parole cases for your State. AVVO has a find a lawyer...