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He missed a court date.
Getting married has nothing to do with his criminal status. He can be arrested anywhere at any time. He needs to see a...
the interlock is state ordered because of my refusal to take a breath test.. I'm still on probation and wondering if the court will find out, don't know what to do ?
The ignition interlock provider is required to report failed tests to the court (probation) so you can expect at lest...
i was on probation and going to alcohol treatment and quit going to them because i had no time for it due to work. basicly my question is if i pay the 25g will it all be done with?
Courts view violation of their orders more dimly than that. Retain criminal counsel.
I did a deferred prosecution in 2005 and completed. I was charged October 9th this year for another dui. During my previous 2005 dui/deferred, DOL did not require me to have an interlock installed. My 2005 dui took 6 months before I was charged. I took my 90 day suspension and reinstated my license. After reinstatement of the license I entered the deferred prosecution and I then received a letter from the DOL stating I need to get a probationary license with nothing in the letter stating anything about needing an interlock. went to the dol office and issued a probationary license. I am concerned that dol will require me to have the interlock for 5 years if I plead guilty to the current dui. Pulled license record and shows 1 yr interlock from court on deferred no action taken by dol.
Ask your attorney or schedule a consultation with a local criminal defense attorney if you had a public defender.
Wreckless driving, in puyallup. Arraignment is Oct 29th. Im in a pickle, I cant meet in person, or talk on the phone. All I can do is email. I am in the Army, and currently training in the field. It doesnt allow me service to call reliably. But somehow I have almost perfect internet service and can answer emails, or gmail chats almost instantaneously. I am fairly low ranking in the Army and as such don't make much money. So I guess I should add a disclaimer of keep price in mind if offering service?
I am a CA attorney so I can't represent you in WA. If this is a crime (misdemeanor or felony) as opposed to an...
Was pulled over for not signaling turn, and running red light. Ending up with a .13 bac. Dol ruled in my favor because stop was bogus. If I accepted a plea of neg 1. Will it show on my abstract, just criminal record, or both? First offense.
It will show on your driving abstract yes. It is a criminal offense of Negligent Driving 1st but that is much better...
I was arrested last year (10/2012) for a DUI and speeding. My final court date was 4/1/2013, which it was dropped down to a negligent driving 1st degree and speeding. That are the ONLY things on my record! I will be traveling to Canada via driving in July for two days for a concert to see friends. Will this prevent me from crossing the boarder?!
It should not be a problem.