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DUI conviction more than 3 years ago, can I bring my insurance down now?
Hello, I was convicted of a DUI in Florida 3 years ago. The conviction date was specifically last month 3 years ago. Am I safe to drop the FR-44 and additional insurance requirements now? How would I go about finding out what exactly they are (300/100 I think? I don't recall) and if I'm definitely safe to drop them? Thank you.
Q: Am I safe to drop the FR-44 and additional insurance requirements now? A: That is between you and DMV, and you...
How much over the limit are you if you blow 1.2?
My very very very stupid brother in law was arrested last night for dui 1st offense. He blew 1.2 in the breathlyzer, but he amazingly passed the field sobriety test with flying colors. How screwed is he?
I would imagine you mean .12 because I would imagine 1.2, he would likely be in a coma. He needs to hire a criminal...
Blew a 0.0 on a DUI however controlled substiences we're in my urine
I have a previous DUI from 2006 when I was just 19 and my driving record includes quite a few tickets however this particular situation the cop aggressively followed me and pulled me over for failing to stop at a stop sign which i defiantly recall stopping at either way in the car there were open containers and another passenger which they belong to I preformed the field sobriety test however he made me preform them multiple times at this point I became very aggravated and got a little rude with the cop demanding he let me blow to prove I had nothing to drink (no clue he was going to arrest me in order to blow) I was placed under arrest charged with a DUI at the jail I blew a 0.0 but my urine came back with controlled substiences from days before
In most states a controlled substance is just as bad as alcohol in your system. I reccomend that you contact a DUI...
What are the odds of me getting reinstated.
I failed a drug test and have been on prohibition since January. I have not yet attended any classes or community service but have never violated before and I have always held a job. I know I most likely will be going to jail so what are the odds I can be reinstated and how long could I be in jail for ?
If this is a first DUI, you are looking at a maximum sentence of 180 days in jail. It is difficult to answer your...
Am I able to exspunge a Battery (simple) ,adjudication withheld,,Degree,,M-1st,, Non reporting one day probation.
On January 2 2003 I was in a bar altercation , I had payed a 375.00 dolar fine. Im trying to get expunged ,I think it's ruining my chances to get a job, or certain jobs .I'm fifty three, and also have a dui in florida. I don't want to spend 75.00 for an exspungement application Just to be,to be denied ,Because of a DUI . Do I need to see an lawyer? Thank you
If you were convicted of the DUI, you will not be eligible to seal the Battery charge. Getting a lawyer will not help...
I got my Driver license back through the DMV But my probation officer said this would violate my probation how can I make it not
I got arrested about a year ago for sells of cannabis and put on probation with my driver license Suspended for two years
There's some missing information here. Does your sentence specifically prevent you from driving while on probation OR...
Can I get the ignition interlock waived?
Last year I had joined the army and was out celebrating and got arrested 5 houses from home for a dui. At the jail I blew and I blew a .310 so when court came sept 13 2012 I pleaded no contest and only had a public defender. I got 1 year of probation which 2 months before rlelease I was put on mail in for completing everything early. 1yr without my license 10day car impound 1000$ fine 75 community service hours.. and also completed 12 sessions of substance abuse counseling(ordered by SW florida safety council) was already enrolled for dui school before going to court and wasnt able to drink for the year I was on probation In all that I was ordered when I do get my license I need an interlock device for 6 months I was 21 at the time is there anyway I can get a judge to dimiss the interlock
The IID is a mandatory sentencing provision and the statute does not give the court any discretion. DHSMV will require...