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Will my blood test show that I was not under the influence?
I was pulled over for a dui. I blew a .081 at the scene. About an hour later I had my blood drawn at the hospital. Then about 15 later at the station I was give another breath test and blew a .064. Will my blood test show that I was under the legal limit of .08 after an hour of the breath test if it was .064 15 minutes after the blood test?
Possibly, but remember that the law prohibits driving while having 0.08% or more by weight of alcohol in your blood,...
Can I fight a dui I was in house n officer came in n took me for blood test because an eyewitness reported me driving under infl
I was in house he took me to hospital for blood test n charged me with dui! A witness reported me! But I had a few shots right before they came in to arrest me!
It sounds like he had probable cause. I would consult with an attorney to see if you can prepare yourself properly for...
What are the South Dakota Controlled Substance II possession laws for drugs found in vehicle that doesnt belong to the driver?
A friend was pulled over for hitting a jaywalking pedestrian at night in a BORROWED VEHICLE on a major city road. They searched the car & found drugs & other paraphanelia in a CROWN ROYAL BAG in back seat on floor buried under clothes, misc stuff. He is now being personally charged for what they found. Did they have right to do a Search in first place? Please advise how he can fight these charges. He has no prior convictions, 1st Offense. Clean record.
Without knowing more of the circumstances of the case, it's hard to say whether the search was justified. Did they say...
I got the small habitual offender on DWI now I'm looking at grand theft what will happen to me
I was working at a casino and they said 1500.00 went missing and they are blaming me
No one can tell you exactly what will happen to you without knowing all the facts and circumstances of your case....
What legal grounds does a private college have when it comes to marijuana?
So my roommate got reported for having/smoking marijuana in our dorm room. She has to meet with people from the dean's office. Can a private college force a student to do drug test? What proof do they need to contact the police?
Your roommate would need to look at the agreement she signed when she agreed to live on campus housing. Colleges can...
Can I visit Philippines if i have DUI?
I have DUI but i want to travel Philippines. Am i allowed? Im from South Dakota
Whether you can travel to the Philippines may depend on the laws of the Philippines. Here is a prior answer on Avvo...
Is it possible to have a DUI removed from your background check even though I was never charged with a DUI.
I sent a request in to the FBI for a criminal background check and it shows that I was charged with a DUI first offense. This charge was dropped to reckless driving however and I just had to pay a fine. I get my bachelor's soon and was wondering how to go about getting that DUI removed when I never was convicted of that charge.
It seems you pled to the lesser charge, right? That detail is important to your next step