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What can I do. I had no choice t o drive cause my driver home wasnt feeling well???
I was sentence with a DWAI. Within a dew dews i am able to get a license with an interlock device. Yesterday my mother went to pick me up from work. I work 35 miles from home. 1/2 home she was reeling dizzy and disoriented because she did not take ner meds at the right time. A vew miles from getting home we were pulled over because of headlight. I told the officer the truth that she wasnt feeling well. He gave me a court summons what can i do?????
First thing to do is hire a local attorney. But your question is really whether that is a valid defense. Necessity is a...
DUI license suspension court vs DMV in Colorado
DMV believes that my recent DUI was a first offense. However the court is aware of an old out of state prior. As far as the license suspension goes will the court order additional license suspension time?
As a general statement, the Court and the DMV are two separate entities. The Court probably found the out-of-State...
If I plead guilty to a misdemeanor dui can the court change it to a felony later?
I have 3 prior dui. Now I am being charged with a misdemeanor. If I plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge can they change their minds and charge me with a felony later? If they charge me with a felony can I reach a plea bargain for a misdemeanor? BAC was 0.1. Tail light out violation. No accident, only occupant of the vehicle.
If you are looking at a 4th offense DUI, you need to have an attorney. If they really are offering/charging a...
Can you request a hearing with the DMV in Colorado to request your reinstatement requirements be dropped?
My DUI was in 2006. I need a drivers license for job hunting purposes but do not own a vehicle, nor plan to anytime soon. For reinstatement, I am required to have an SR22 and an ignition interlock, but again, I have no vehicle. I was also told the DMV would revoke these reinstatement requirement after 10 years, and I would then be eligible for reinstatement; is this true?
That is unlikely to happen, but I would contact them and explain to them and see what happens.
Can a person file a suit against the Dept of Motor Vehicles for double jeopardy?
I was stopped for a DUI. I refused the breath and blood test. I was expecting a one year suspension. Instead, the police took me to an emergency room and forced me to take a blood test (bac = .280). The result was reported to the DMV prior to trial. Now I was able to get the BAC dismissed from trial but because the police reported the incident to the DMV, they claim nothing can be done about the report made by the police. There is an expected punishment for the different levels of BAC and I am going thru it now! Why is this and can I retaliate against it?
After a DUI arrest, you have a very short time to request a DMV hearing. This process is completely separate from the...
2nd DUI 1st one 10 years ago in another state.
I had a DUI 10 years ago. Waiting for a friend in front of an apartment. I got worried about where we parked. I moved to the drivers seat in case yhe car needed to be moved. I fell asleep and cops came. I refused the breathalizer since i was asleep and did not understand them. The second DUI was in Pueblo. Colorado. The DA is giving me a plea as what the state requires can i request for the 40 days in jail like he says and perform the 40 days under work release so i can maintain a job?
I'm not clear on your facts. Is the current charge in Colorado? Regardless, the fact that you were asleep in the...
Will a prior DUI come up on a background check?
Im currently on probation for a DUI. I will be done by and everything will be complete by October of this year. Per my sentencing my lawyer got my DUI to a deferred sentence as long as I comply with what the court ordered which I have. I will recently be looking for a job after I graduate as a medical assistant in August. Is this going to effect my chances of getting a job in the health care field?
Yes. But honesty is the best policy, right? The experience will come up on a background check. Fortunately, you are...