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How many hours counts as 1 day in Jail in Michigan?
I just got sentenced to three days in jail for probation violation. is there a chance I could serve less than 72 hours in jail? I was curious to know how many hours in jail would give me "credit" for one day. I am in Roscommon County.
Every jail has its own policy, but most release inmates in the morning of the day they are to get out. Someone in the...
Can I get a license in Tennessee if Michigan has a hold on it?
I have 2 dui convictions. One in 04 and one in 05. I've been the Michigan s process 3 times. No luck. Even though I've been sober with proof since 4.1.10.
You need to clear your hold here in Michigan before obtaining your license in another state, sadly. I would recommend...
I'm on probation for my 2nd dui recently I got a ticket for operating an orv in a closed area is that a probation violation?
I'm on probation for my 2nd dui...I lost my license til 2-26-17
The terms and conditions of probation are set by your sentencing Court. One common term of probation is not to get new...
I have a DUI in Michigan. If I move to Colorado can I get a license there before I get my Michigan one back
I am currently off probation and was told by a lawyer it will be 4 to 6 months before I can get my license back. I was told I can get a Colorado license now, but if I do can I still get a Michigan license if I move back to Michigan.
I doubt it. Michigan and Colorado have what's referred to as a reciprocity agreement, meaning the share DUI conviction...
I had a recent arrest with a .12 on breathalyzer. I had a DUI conviction 17 years ago is this prosecuted as a second offense?
It said oui 1st on the ticket.
From the information provided in your question, this is the second time you've been charged with DUI. It would...
Am i going to be chatged for a dui
I was pumping gas and a police officer approached me and said i was drunk and to take a pbt so i did blew .12 they parked my car in parkimg lot and said i can come pick my keys up in a few hours and that i wasnt being charged
You could certainly face charges if you blew a .12 while operating a vehicle. You might also get lucky. If you...
Is Dui charge reduced to Careless driving is plea guilty for dui or Careless driving in MI state ?
I had dui charge reduced to careless driving. What does the plea guilty I made, is it for dui or careless driving? 
Also can I expunge the amended charge which is Careless driving from my record in MI? also is dui will be expunge after this amended?
If it was reduced to Careless, then you pled go careless. This is something you should have in writing via plea...