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I need counseling. Can MA probation and/or the court deny it to me?
I was HONESTLY falsely convicted of DUI. My BAC was .049. (2 drinks and a meal in over 4 hours.) The judge/DA grossly over sentenced me. I discovered it was for high and very high risk of re-offending. I was 60, no prior criminal background, a school teacher with only a parking ticket to my name. He gave me a year in jail with 59 days to serve; 2 years probation; 1 1/2 years loss of license, (the statute says one year max), alcohol classes, and thousands of dollars in fines. I now have PTSD, major depression and anxiety. I got Lyme Disease and Chronic Kidney Failure in jail. The doctor refused to see me. He gave me itch cream for the Lyme bulls eye rash. Two nurses put me on the top of the list to be seen, but, he refused. I NEED to see a therapist. I have needed to since I got out of jail over a year ago. Probation knows this too. But, with no license, I CANNOT get there! I live more than 5 miles from a bus stop. I've asked for my liscense twice, and he will not give it to me, even though he is in violation of the 1 year legislative maximum loss! I am getting worse, psychologically. CAN THEY DENY ME COUNSELING I REALLY DO NEED??? Without a license, I am being denied.
Attributing lyme disease and/or kidney failure to an "honestly wrongful conviction" for DUI is difficult to fathom. If...
How can I get legal advice about a drunk driver who totalled 2 of our family cars and damaged a 3rd
What can I do about a drunk driver who was on his way home from a bar and he failed the field sobriety test. He was arrested. Our 3 cars were parked in front of our house. He rear ended me which in turn made me hit my husband's car and pushed us about 30 feet and my husband hit the bumper of my daughter's car, which was about 50 to 75 feet away from my car. He totalled our 2 cars . Because no one was in them and there were no injuries no lawyer wants to take it on. Our cars were 1997 and one just turned turned in to an antique this month. We are not going to get much and our lives have been turned upside down. We are both on disability and have no money to get 2 cars. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
If the vehicles were insured ur insurance company should have paid ur claims. As far as what happened to that...
Does a police officer have a right to inform a passenger of a DUI arrest why they are detained after the driver has been arreste
I was a passenger of a driver who was arrested for a DUI. I complied with everything the PO ask of me and it was revealed that i had no warrant and i was not under arrest. After the driver was arrested, I was asked to step out of the vehicle, which I did. At this point I asked if I was "free to leave the scene". The PO responded no and would not give me a reason why i couldn't leave, how long i would continue to be detained, or what he was going to do with me. I was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct because I continued to ask why i was not free to leave. My legal question is did the police officer have a duty to inform me why I couldn't leave after the driver was arrested? And was I free to go?
The police officer has a sworn duty to serve and protect. No duty to inform. Still you were arrested so you were...
Can a police officer refuse to let you go if you are a passenger in a DUI case and you have not committed any crime?
I was a passenger in a vehicle where the driver was arrested for DUI. The police officer would not let me go after the driver was arrested. I was not charged with a crime and my background check revealed that I had no warrant or criminal record. I asked to leave and the police officer refused to let me go. He subsequently stopped communicating with me. Did i have a right to leave the scene?
If you were not charged or under arrest you could have left the scene
My refusal was dismissed in judicial court because they filed it with the wrong court. Can I still get charged in district?
It was my second refusal and the police officer did not see it. They filed it in judicial court but the judge dismissed it and said it may get transferred to district court which is where they originally needed to file it. Since they dismissed the charge can I still be taken to district court?
You should consult with an experienced DUI attorney in your area who can look into your situation in more detail. With...
Refusal in August and driving on a suspended license in October - need advice!
Back in august I was stopped and asked to perform a breathalyzer test. I refused this test and in court was found not guilty to a DUI but took a plea deal for a 13 month loss of license and a refusal charge. In October I drove my mothers car due to an emergency at work and was hit head on in an accident. I was arrested on the scene and sentenced to home confinement. I have paid off all my court fees and have taken all the required courses for reinstatement. I am now waiting until September 2014 to role around to get my license back. I requested my court files and noticed it said "no further loss of license" once my home confinement was finished. Can this mean I am eligible to reinstate my license now?
That sounds like what it means. However, I would check with the court's clerk to be sure, and would also check with...
Can I get off on a refusal to submit to a chemical test (breathalyzer)?
This is my second refusal, and in RI they have now changed the laws so I will face jail time (correct?). However, when the cop was talking to me he told me he didn't think I was drunk or would blow over. Will this possibly help get the case dismissed for me or is there no hope?
You may have some issues but only an experienced DUI attorney can flush them out. You should contact one without delay....