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What is required to get a drivers licence in Washington after having a dui in another state.
I had a dui in Virginia almost years ago. I paid all my fines, did my alcohol courses and am straight with the courts. I am required to file an fr44 in Virginia but couldn't afford it so I no longer have a drivers licence. I recently moved to washington state. Am I still required to get an fr 44 to obtain a drivers licence here? If so for how long? How will the dmv in Washington handle my situation as I apply for a new licence?
VA and WA are members of the interstate compact on driver's licenses. A suspension by one member is usually honored by...
What will be the consequences be for a failed interlock test from the court?
The night before I took NyQuil and used mouth wash in the morning without thinking and when I was heading to work the next morning I got a failed test. It locked out my car but I didn't wait to retest because I was running late for work and got a ride. I got back home and my car worked for me and didn't lock out. I'm worried what will happen once i go to my first court hearing since the interlock was court ordered. What will I expect the judge to do? Please I can't afford to lose out on my driving privileges with the interlock.
I assume you have an attorney right? Get a hold of your attorney and get ready for the hearing. If you don't have an...
Ambien and DUI consequences
My life is over. No chance of getting a job or going back to college. I got arrested for DUI when I took ambien to help fall asleep. The next thing I know a police officer is at my window and asks me to step out and gave me field sobriety tests. I have no memory of getting into my car and driving. I don't know what to do, I'm very scared that this will ruin my life forever. My depression is severely affecting me now. I should also note this is my first DUI.
First things first, your life is not over and many people maintain their jobs and schooling through this process. It...
Will that keep me from passing a background check for voluntiering?
I have a neglagent driving ticket, and 2 DUI s will this keep me from passing a background check to voluntier .
That question depends completely on the agency where you hope to perform community service. As far as background...
I'm on probation for a DUI and failed my blow in the morning and now I've been summoned. What likely will happen?
This is my first dui and my probation stated that I'm not supposed to consume alcohol during this period of probation. I had some drinks at night and woke up to go to work and failed my blow test so I turned off my car and left it. This happened two separate times. Ive been summoned for a court hearing. What is the most common consequence for this violation? If jail time is needed, can I get work release during the days I'm serving? I'm afraid a public defender won't help much in this matter and not sure if a hired attorney would be able to do much either. Please help
It is hard to say what the court will do without knowing more about the judge in particular. What I suggest you do is...
I'm a 1st time dui offender and i failed 3 blows on my interlock. i got a court notice and am wondering what likely will happen
this is my first time for a dui
Without knowing the reason for the failure it's tough to say. If you were drinking, there is a strong possibility you...
Pulled over for "speeding", though I wasnt. Arrested for dui and never cited for speeding, illegal stop and search?
Pulled over for speeding 1/4 mile from hotel, I was complying all traffic laws and was not driving erratically. I just had consumed alcohol within the hr and answered truthfully and I questioned the speeding. I wass detained on road for 40 minutes, given a field sobriety test on a hill which made balance rough then eventually a breathalyzer which 40 mins after stop was .12. I feel everything should be thrown out because I was not cited nor any evidence given to reason for initial stop thus violating my 4th amendment rights.
You need to hire an attorney to represent you. The officer may have stopped you for speeding and smelled alcohol and...