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I got pulled over for driving under dui suspension 1543b1. The fine amount was not filled in. What do i do?
I was given a traffic citation with out a fine amout or total amount. What should i do?
A conviction on this charge ( driving on a suspended license DUI related) calls for a mandatory jail sentence of 60...
I have been sentenced to 8 months work release for my 3rd dui. It was a 1 year sentence but was given 4 months credit for
inpatient treatment. I'm going to be in Washington County Jail doing work release. However, people I know in the program of recovery have stated I will be able to apply for "early parole" once I'm about 50% - 60% through my sentence. Is this indeed a possibility? If so, I'll be seeking a lawyer to help me with this. Thank you.
You are able to apply for early parole. The amount of time that you have to serve before being likely to obtain early...
Im 19 and I was drunk and went to a store and attempted to steal $2.12 of merchandise. I also had a pipe on me.
This is the first time I've ever got apprehended by police, besides almost getting in trouble when I was a kid. What could I possibly be looking at charge, probation, and fine wise?
There are several charges that you could be facing. Retail theft, underage drinking, possession of paraphernalia and...
I have two pending dui hearings. My job will work with me to a certain extent. what are the possibilities my court dates can
be combined so that I'm not always going back and forth to the court house for each dui? Also, from what I understand it is very possible to have both dui's "combined" into one being that they were both within one month. Any thoughts?
It is possible to have the cases scheduled to be heard together. It's best to have your attorney handle that for you...
I had my 3rd and 4th dui within a month. My 3rd was in May 2014 and the other June 2014
Can both of these be combined to a 3rd at the highest tier and aim for one year house arrest? I have completed inpatient treatment as well as a follow up 90 day recovery program in which i lived on premises which had 24/7 staff, testing, and mandatory meeting attendance. i also have a full time job and currently still live in a recovery house and working on 7 months of sobriety. Trying to keep doing what I'm doing because I finally have my life in the right direction.
Presumably you have an attorney to represent you on all these cases. You should speak to that attorney about the...
I have been waiting for a toxicology report to come back since June which is well over 5 months now. Is it a good sign that the
report has not come back yet? (for Narcotic dui)
Sometimes it just takes a while. I've had cases where it took almost a year. IN that case the officer was out on...
Implied consent, loss of 2A
Was sentenced for Dui refusal in 2012, 2nd offense. Went through meetings with lawyer, court and no mention of the loss of this right. This is a rather big punishment to have never been brought to my attention and had I know I probably would not have accepted the plea. It was only brought to my attention months later by a friend. Is there anything I can do short of a governors pardon to regain my rights that I unwillingly and unknowingly surrendered?
I am assuming you mean you refused blood test. One of the conditions of driving is a consent for blood draw or testing....