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My rights were not read to me or my boyfriend when we got arrested. Were the cops wrong? And they refused my medical care.
I was driving and got pulled over because my license was suspended and I never got a piece of mail telling me I was suspended. Also got arrested off hand and did not get hand cuffed or got read my rights. Than my boyfriend and his cousin was with me. And they got detained for no reason than they were detained with their phones. My boyfriend made a call to talk to the sheriff's manager and that set him off and my boyfriend refused to give up.his phone after the sheriff said it was okay o have it. I also before my car was impounded asked the officer to grab my ashma medication out of the car I needed that. And he refused and just continued to carry on with the process. Also my license was suspended on 9/28/14 and I bought a car and got insurance on 10/07/14 why didn't the insurance catch it?
You have multiple questions, some not even relating to each other. However, note the following: There was no...
Completing BAIID after an extension.
Hello, I have an mddp after my first DUI and had an 3 month extension added to my time (I sent a letter I worked on with my lawyer and did not admit to drinking to the SOS and the excuse ended up not being excepted). My question is, after I already have gotten an extension on the mddp and the interlock, what will happen after the extension is over and I completed the BAIID time? Is there another "trial/meeting" with the SOS to discuss getting my license back? I have a "no alcohol" stipulation with my court supervision, will this cause my supervision to be revoked or be unable to get my license back? Sorry for the many questions, any help would be greatly appreciated.
You have an attorney you mentioned in your question. Ask him or her these questions. SOS hearing are notoriously...
Received a 3 month extension on a BAIID device, now what?
I got a letter from the Secretary of State saying my statutory summary suspension has been extended for 3 months a few days after sending my letter of explanation in. This is my only violation, what steps do I take now? I have a supervision stipulation requiring no alcohol, will this automatically get a petition to revoke my supervision?
No. Not at all automatic. In fact, it would be a little surprising if the SAO even noted it. Make sure you extend...
Is it typical for a level 2 moderate risk DUI have no alcohol condition as part of their court supervision terms?
As part of my court supervision no alcohol can be consumed for the term. Is this normal for a first time DUI with no priors?
Every jurisdiction is different. Based on the town that you listed, I am guessing your DUI is out of Whiteside County....
Questions involving mddp cancelations.
I have a MDDP for a first time dui with a BAC over .16 and I believe I'm a level II moderate risk (not exactly where to find that on my paperwork but I did 10 hours of Driver Risk Education and 12 hours Intervention Counseling with 100 hours of community service, all are complete and fines all paid). If I do have a supervision requiring no alcohol and have a BAIID violation is there a chance that my mddp suspension is just extended or is it an automatic cancel if the explanation given to the SOS is found unsatisfactory? And if the explanation is not accepted can a get a work driving permit and how long do I have to wait to get one?
You should consult with your attorney, or a local attorney familiar with these issues as they are somewhat interwoven...
Court supervision violation on BAIID devise
I have a MDDP and BAIID devise and recently read three readings over .08 within an hour. I received a request for explanation letter from the SOS and plan to have my lawyer help me right a response. Should I admit to using alcohol or not in the letter. Also I am under court supervision which states no alcohol consumption. What are the odds that this will end up violating my supervision? Is it automatic or is there anything I can do to keep that from happening?
You answered your own question by stating you plan to have your lawyer hep you. Make no further admissions or comments...
Can I keep my work driving permit after BAIID violations? Sorry I asked a similar question before just looking for insight.
I'm from IL and I have a MDDP, BAIID device in my car and no alcohol supervision stipulation. Recently I got 3 readings over .05 to start my car (all of which I found are major violations) without blowing a .0 for hours. I know that I will eventually get a letter from the SOS asking for an explanation of these violations. I assume nothing I can say can really convince them that this is a mistake judging from the pattern. I plan to have my lawyer help write up a draft and try to convince them to count these 3 readings as one violation. Should I add anything to the letter to sway them into this outcome? Does the SOS not report the first 2 violations to the state regularly? Is 3-6 month extension of the BAIID likely or is it more likely my permit canceled? What's the likely final outcome?
You should consult with an experience traffic court attorney or contact the Il DMV for answers.