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My rights were not read to me or my boyfriend when we got arrested. Were the cops wrong? And they refused my medical care.
I was driving and got pulled over because my license was suspended and I never got a piece of mail telling me I was suspended. Also got arrested off hand and did not get hand cuffed or got read my rights. Than my boyfriend and his cousin was with me. And they got detained for no reason than they were detained with their phones. My boyfriend made a call to talk to the sheriff's manager and that set him off and my boyfriend refused to give up.his phone after the sheriff said it was okay o have it. I also before my car was impounded asked the officer to grab my ashma medication out of the car I needed that. And he refused and just continued to carry on with the process. Also my license was suspended on 9/28/14 and I bought a car and got insurance on 10/07/14 why didn't the insurance catch it?
You have multiple questions, some not even relating to each other. However, note the following: There was no...
What does "IAW given" mean? This is from a 3rd degree felony DUI case that has been cont' for well over a year. Is that normal?
Concerned citizen following a DUI case.
Probably abbrev. for "in absentia warning" which means, if you sky, you can be tried in your absence. The rest of it...
I have 2 Driving under the influence's,and i had a blow machine,and lost it,and revoked.
Is there any way to get a work permit or something i can drive for work purposes to and from without going through a bunch of BS.
Assuming that you are referring to the Secretary of State hearing process and a BAIID installed in your car when you...
Will judge increase my felony charge bond if i was arrested while out for a dui misdemeanor?
Am out on felony 20k bond and got arrested for misdemeanor dui a couple weeks ago... court appearance got ran concurrent and are in a couple weeks
If you have a pending felony charge, you presumably have a public defender or a private lawyer. You should consult...
Can i get a iowa drivers license if i am revoked for dui in illinois
Need to get to and from work
You will have to apply for clearance from the Illinois Secretary of State in order to be able to get a license in...
Can one be arrested for a DUI while in the passenger seat of a vehicle that is not running and on private property?
The officer states that he had passed the vehicle and after running the plates learned that the registered owner had a suspended license. The officer tried to pursue the vehicle with no success, and decided to go to the registered owners place of residence. Along the way he spots the vehicle in a driveway and pulls in behind it. The officer pulled into the driveway approached the vehicle and asked the person in the passenger seat to exit the vehicle on the drivers side "for the officers safety". The officer arrests the individual for aggravated DUI for driving under the influence with no valid license. The video of the arrest shows the officer driving with his lights on with no vehicle or taillights in sight for 2 miles before entering a driveway behind a vehicle that is not running.
The officer can make the arrest but whether the charges stick and the state can make its case will be up to the skill...
Question about insurance after DUI, not convicted.
Hello, I got arrested for a DUI months back and was put under court supervision (I was told that means I was not convicted), but I haven't seen my car insurance go up at all. Will they eventually? Am I supposed to notify my carrier? My license is still suspended do I need to do anything special insurance wise when getting it back at the DMV?
Your arrest would not have been visible to insurance but you got a Statutory Summary Suspension so they will know you...