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Is there a way to fight a dui?
My father got a dui in August, he was sitting in his van with the keys in the ignition. The vehicle was off and he was not planning on driving. He was on the phone with my brother when the cops walked up on him, he was asking my brother for a ride. Is there a way to fight the dui? Or get a lesser charge?
There are a great many options and possibilities. The state must prove that your father was in physical control of the...
How can I avoid another suspension on my license?
I was convicted of a DWI in September. Went to arraignment, pled guilty. Soon before the revocation was scheduled to end, I had to drive to work--I had to already take so many days off due to not being able to drive--nobody could give me a ride, and the public transit had stopped running. I was caught driving after revocation. Officer cited me and informed me of the Driver Diversion Program. I would apply for it--but I also need to not have my license suspended for another 30 days after my revocation is lifted. I scheduled a hearing to contest my DAR citation--should I do that, or if I'm eligible for DDP, should I cancel? What chance do I have of getting this dismissed and me on the road again asap? I found out DDP takes 3-4 wks to process. Do I have a good chance to win by contesting?
Contact a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation. If you try to fight this, you'll need an attorney.
DWI hearing cancelled?
Daughter's father failed to appear at all previous hearings for his DWI. Today I see the court received his Chemical Dependency Eval Report his future court appearance is cancelled. What could be a possible reason as far as I know, he has no valid license. I don't want her in a car with him if he's not licensed or has no insurance.
There are many reasons for the activity you're seeing on the court website, including the possibility that the website...
Should I plead guilty to my DWI charge to get a reduced sentence? If I plead not guilty, can I still get a limited license?
I was pulled over for a broken headlight, and the officer tested me for sobriety. Given the breathalyzer, blew a .11. Go for an arraignment on Thursday. If I plead guilty to the DWI charge, will I get my sentence reduced to 30 days? If I plead not guilty, could the sentence be possibly reduced to reckless driving on that same-day arraignment court appearance? If I can get it reduced to reckless driving, can I still get a limited license on the 90-day revocation period? I need to drive for work, and I just need to be able to get back in my car as soon as possible. I know how a DWI affects my record, so I'm wondering if I can still be able to have a limited license if I plead not guilty. I can't afford an attorney. Will I still be able to apply for a limited license if this goes to court?
No attorney here can tell you what exactly will unfold in your personal case: That would be irresponsible. Persons who...
What penalties will one face for violating probation and charged with driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety?
The criminal was convicted on 3rd DUI offense in Minnesota. He was charged with 2nd degree DUI, gross misdemeanor level. This was the 3rd DUI in just under five years. The person was sentenced to one year in jail, with a stay of 275 days, 30 days county jail and 60 days home electronic monitor. Charge of driving with illegal plates was dismissed. Five days after being sentenced on 3rd DUI, criminal was charged with a gross misdemeanor charge of driving after cancellation, inimical to public safety-- MN Stat 171.24.5. I am wondering what will happen for this person who faces court next week. Will the person wind up serving out the 1 year jail sentence for 3rd DUI since he violated probation with this charge? Thank you for your reply.
Questions regarding how much time someone is going to do comes time and time again in this forum. Unfortunately, it is...
How long do I have to wait to get interlock installed on my vehicle after my license is revoked?
I got a DWI in April and my license is still stated as "valid" in the DMVs system. It will be 3 months revoked the beginning of August. I will not be able to get a full license for most likely a year due to my BAC. I plan on getting the interlock device installed ASAP but cannot do anything until my license is processed "invalid". Will I have to wait a certain period of time once they finally process my revocation? I had money in hand to pay fees but couldn't due to current status of my license. Will I be able to apply for interlock now or do I have to wait? I am starting a full time job also.
Unfortunately you'll have to wait until the DMV updates its system to show her you're revoked before they can accept...
Can a DPS administrative review be taken to a jury trial
The Minnesota DPS has charged me with an interlock program violation of " fewer than thirty initial tests in a month" I asked for a review and sent a letter explaining that I have a limited license with an employee exemption.. I drive my company issued work vehicle for to and from work and for work.. I do not drive my vehicle with my interlock because I can't drive two vehicles at the same time to work. I am a construction Forman and estimator so I have to take my work vehicle to work.. I am not legally allowed to drive other than for work.. So I don't drive my vehicle with my interlock .. Long story short I apparently was one initial start short of 30 so they sustained the initial violation and have extended my revocation period . Can I apeal this decision and request a jury trial?
Not a jury trial, no. However, you may be able to petition for judicial review. Talk privately with a DWI lawyer to...