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Trying to get security license and was told I had a active issue and I couldn't be issued one.Have no warrants I'm aware of!?
Can I find out if I'm under investigation somehow for something?
I would consult with a local attorney, who can get with the agency you are dealing with and try to get to the bottom of...
Can you appeal a dui ruling by a judge if you waived your right to counsel at the first court date after arrest?
I was pulled over for speeding. (80 in a 40). Refused breathalyzer test. Was not made to blow at the jail. I have had a lot of foot injuries in the past and told the officer this before a balance field test was given on ground that wasn't level. I had to hold one foot in the air for a 15 count. I was mad to follow his his finger above my head with my eyes and did that easily. I only waived my right to counsel because I thought I wouldn't have money for a lawyer. So I signed the waiver and plead no contest. Court was on the 8th and I have 30 days to appeal.
You waiver to counsel was knowing and done under oath. So, now after court you want to appeal, but to do so you need...
In the state of Arkansas if you get charged with temping with urine test and you are on probation.
If you are on probation and return for a urine test and get caught temping (trying to use someone else's urine. What can happen at this point? In the state of Arkansas? Will you do jail time?
It's entirely possible. Remember this: even if an arrest isn't done by the book, you're still in jail until it gets...
My s/o was charged with four crimes 2 possession of illegal instruments, a dui etc. I want to know if it we should get a lawyer?
My s/o had potpourri (the original package says the substances in it are not banned by federal/state law). He was charged with a pipe that only had the potpourri in it. He was given a urine screen that he will pass. He was on the phone pulled over on the side of the road when the homeowner called the cops. They didn't ask to search his vehicle nor did they give him any sobriety test, and they didn't tell him what he was arrested for. What is my best option.
Would you handle your own dental problem by drilling your own tooth, or would you go to see a dentist? Criminal...
How long should it take from the moment I was arrested for the court to render a decision in a DUI case?
In October of 2015 I was arrested for DUI and a couple other violations after an accident. At the time I was under the care of a VA mental health physician and was on a medication and did not know I was driving. The officers assumed I was under the influence of alcohol and I was arrested. I hired a lawyer, we went to court on three separate occasions between November of 2015 to August of 2016. It is now May of 2017 and the judge has still not rendered a decision. I would also like to mention that each time my court date was rescheduled, it was because the prosecutor either did not have witnesses, the officer did not show up or he needed more time. Never did I ask for a continuance and it has been almost a year and 8 months since I was arrested. The judge had also accepted a document from my mental health doctor stating that I was under that medication under the time. Have my civil rights to a speedy trial been violated? At what point should I consider filing a motion to dismiss because of the time frame?
I'm sure you have an attorney representing you. Discuss the issue with him and see if a motion is appropriate. It...
Drug testing at plea and arraignment
I got a letter from Pulaski County Circuit Court with the date for my plea and arraignment hearing. In the letter was a notice that I may be drug tested as a condition of my bond. I've never heard of drug testing at playing arraignment. Do they really do this?
Rules vary not only across jurisdictions, but also among different Courts and Judges. You should speak with your...
What will happen if I attempt to get my first drivers license? Can I be arrested?
At 16yrs old I was pulled over by police for my passenger littering. I had a drivers permit at the time, but no license. My passenger was 20yrs old, so I was driving illegally. The car was not registered in my name and I had only an expired Bill Of Sale. I had expired tags on the vehicle, which belonged to a friend's old vehicle. I received several driving violations. I was given a court date and my parent was required to be there since I was a minor. The judge gave me a fine and put me on a payment plan. To make a long story short, my parents were divorced and it was a very unstable situation. Both parents swore to the other that they would pay the fines (needing to "out-do" one another). At 19yrs old I was finally out on my own, working, and trying to create a stable life for myself. I was finally going to go get my license, but found out that my fine had never been paid on at all. So, a warrant was put out for my arrest and for 3 yrs the fine had been increasing due to late fees. At that point it was up to over $1,000, which I did not have at 19yrs old. I'm now 23yrs old and am assuming the warrant is still active since I've never taken care of it. What can I do? I NEED license!
Warrants do not go away. You should contact a local attorney about lifting the warrant (or see if there is a bond that...