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What can I expect my BAC to be after a DUI and is it comparable to breathalyzer?
Hi, I was stopped in WI for 1st DUI. Failed field sobriety breath analyzer. I don't know what the BAC results were. Took blood test but did not receive results yet. I was drinking beer (6 beers, 16 oz ea) over 5 hours of time. Took blood test after 7 hours from time I started to drink. Weight is 175. Any idea what I can expect? Will the letter for the criminal charge include the breathalyzer BAC and blood test BAC? Thanks.
If they do not send you the results with the citation/charging documents, they should be required to disclose them as...
I had a BAC test drawn 30 days ago, with no results back yet from the lab. My attorney says he can file a motion to dismiss?
Since it is over 30 days, what are the chances of having this case dismissed. Does this have to be done in front of a judge in court? Is just the breathilzer test admissible; it was just over the .08 limit.
While I typically urge people to discuss their legal issues with their own attorney if they have one, I would make sure...
With 2nd owi and blood alcohol of .312 state WI, Green Lake cnty. any jail time manditory with medical condition?
Difference of large retainer fee or considerably smaller
Regardless of your BAC level, the minimum jail time for an OWI-2nd is 5 days, and the maximum jail time is 6 months....
I was pull over by police i was very drunk and my girlfriend said that i was yell at him and he let me go and i hit a pole
I dont remember anything my girlfriend has told me this and she talk to a office that said she should talk to a Ltd.
I'm afraid I'm not sure what your question is. If you are just sharing a story, online is not a good place to do it. If...
Possible to beat DUI case in Wisconsin for having THC in system?
I recently got my 3rd DUI, The first 2 were alcohol. After I had the 2nd one I quit drinking all together and cept myself out of trouble for awhile. I was pulled over, I did not it was possible to get a DUI while under the influence of weed. I was so shaken up at the time I just wanted to clear my name. I did not feel the affects of the weed I have smoked prior that day. After the results came back I was 1 pt over what I guess they say in the legal limit? Is there any way to beat this case, or to not serve anytime jail time?
Get an attorney to review your case; however, any active delta 9 from THC in your system is enough for an OWI.
3 dui's from 1998-NM 2000-AZ 2002-MI Paid all fines and attended all classes.
I cant get a license in Michigan, been in Wisconsin for 8 yrs now. Can I get a Wisconsin Drivers License?
If you can't get a license in MI, you can't get a license in WI. If you were required to get an alcohol assessment in...
Criminal OAR case keeps getting continued???
OWI conviction in 2014. Fine is not paid, alcohol class not taken, so driver's license is revoked & suspended. Pulled over in February 2015, received OAR charge (criminal). Now the case continues to get pushed off to allow for defendant to get a valid license. Defendant continuously drivers without a license... Why does it keep getting continued??
It would appear that you have answered your own question. Apparently the prosecutor feels that getting the accused into...