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What can I expect my BAC to be after a DUI and is it comparable to breathalyzer?
Hi, I was stopped in WI for 1st DUI. Failed field sobriety breath analyzer. I don't know what the BAC results were. Took blood test but did not receive results yet. I was drinking beer (6 beers, 16 oz ea) over 5 hours of time. Took blood test after 7 hours from time I started to drink. Weight is 175. Any idea what I can expect? Will the letter for the criminal charge include the breathalyzer BAC and blood test BAC? Thanks.
If they do not send you the results with the citation/charging documents, they should be required to disclose them as...
I had a BAC test drawn 30 days ago, with no results back yet from the lab. My attorney says he can file a motion to dismiss?
Since it is over 30 days, what are the chances of having this case dismissed. Does this have to be done in front of a judge in court? Is just the breathilzer test admissible; it was just over the .08 limit.
While I typically urge people to discuss their legal issues with their own attorney if they have one, I would make sure...
With 2nd owi and blood alcohol of .312 state WI, Green Lake cnty. any jail time manditory with medical condition?
Difference of large retainer fee or considerably smaller
Regardless of your BAC level, the minimum jail time for an OWI-2nd is 5 days, and the maximum jail time is 6 months....
Should I get my occupational license now?
I just had my initial appearance for an OWI 2nd this morning. Should I try and get my occupational license immediately, or should I wait until after I am convicted to get it?
You can't get an occupational if your license is still valid. If you are administratively suspended, and your license...
1st offense DUI in WI moved to IL denied an IL license
My 30yo nephew, operating on a valid WI DL, was arrested in WI in 2011 for 1st offense OWI while driving a friend's car. He plead guilty & completed everything required except having an IID installed on a vehicle. This conviction & the speeding ticket received at the same time are the only driving offenses he has had - ever! He does not own a vehicle and still doesn't. He uses a bicycle, public transportation, or relatives for rides. He has moved to IL and tried to apply for an IL license. He was denied until he 'clears up' his WI requirements. What does that mean? Can he apply for an IL occupational license? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I suggest your nephew speak directly with the WI DMV and find out what he needs to file with them or show them. It may...
2nd offense minor in possession of alcohol ticket advice.
My friends and were driving late at night after some of us had some beers at a bonfire. We were on our way back when we were pulled over for seemingly no reason. Turns out no traffic violations were committed, but they pulled us over under suspicion that we had been ding dong ditching in the neighborhood. There had been a few reports of the kids messing around in the neighbor hood, but no description that they were in a similar car or driving at all. So they essentially pulled us over for being five kids in a car. They ended up noticing alcohol in the car and i received a citation for being a minor in possession of alcohol, even though I blew 0.00. This is my second offense and I'm not sure if i should spend money on an attorney or if I can fight the charges myself.
You won't know how to do the type of motion to get a case like this dismissed. Hire an attorney or ask for a public...
Is it common to request blood test chain of custody proof before pleading
I would like verification that blood test results are truely mine but all you get is a piece of paper, no evidence of chain of custody, training records or equipment calibration and maintenance.
No, it is not very common. The chain of custody usually includes the law enforcement officer who personally observed...