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Were any of the dui legislature amended to reduce the penalties for first offense dui offenders with BAC of .10 - .15?
In June, 2013, the Senate passed a bill that would effectively eliminate all license suspensions in favor of...
Hi, pls help I passed the dmv written test and was supposed to get my permit since i already have a license from my home country, but i made a stupid mistake on the form and crossed no in the " do u have a valid license ...." The man said i cant do anything and was really mean and ignoring me. Is there a way to fix this mistake and skip the road test since its 6 months later and i need to drive asap? P.s i was given the examination permit
You need to take this up with a DMV supervisor. Good luck
I got charged with a DUI (1st offense) -- chances are I will be convicted. I need to be out of town for work for a week after the court date, and I'm worried that I will be scheduled to attend IDRC during that week. Can I reschedule the IDRC? Or is it mandatory to do it exactly on the date stated by the court?
The first thing you should do is contact an attorney who specializes in DUI offenses. There might be applicable...
I was assigned an early intervention after the 12 hour IDRC class. I was assigned a 8 week early intervention class. I completed that and have an official signed letter stating that i completed that treatment. However, the place the conducted the treatment did not check my drug test results, and it came back inconclusive because i drank too much water that day. They now are reversing my release and want me to come back for 16 more weeks. I offered to take another drug test because I am clean, but they are saying that is not ok. Should i get a lawyer to fight this for me? The official letter of completion is in my possession already.
Contact your attorney.
I'm graduating college in a week and have a job lined up after. I just got a DUI. I live in jersey and the cop said its only considered a traffic violation here. Will this effect my offer? Assuming that I don't get it removed when I try to fight it in court.
It all depends on the job and whether they check for traffic violations such as this.
Just wondering if you are convicted of a DWI with a BAC over 0.16 is there a way to keep your license? Such as Interlock Ignition for a set amount of time? I'm aware NJ doesn't have any conditional licenses [work license, etc] - but how does one GET to meeting AND pay fines without being able to get to work that's ~30minutes away? (I understand, you must find a way, but merely asking a hypothetical question... Also; should you lose your license - any way to APPEAL the loss to the DMV given certain circumstances that provide a 'NEED' for the privilege of driving to be restored?
The only way to avoid loosing your license is to fight the charges. There is simply no other option. I agree that the...
It's called double jeperdy, nj does have the ability to make me take an addition 16 weeks on a .02. I want to sue the state, how the hell can they expect me to spend an additional 16 weeks in a holtel when I'm not a resident of NJ. How do they expect me to get to these classes when I can't drive. I have a god damn KY lisence, not nj. They have no right and I'm a drug and alcohol councilor in KY. Help me!
It is very unclear what is going on with your case. Did you just receive the ticket? Did you already plead guilty? If...