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I got arrested with dui in Sherburne county MN. I live on a low income and don't think I can hire a lawyer. what can I do?
It is my first Dui. spent 12 hours in jail. was let go. and I make 15,000 a year
You should make some calls to various attorneys and see if they offer payment plans. You may also qualify for a public...
Can a person get charged with a DWI 5 months after being pulled over for suspicion of DWI?
My boyfriend was pulled over for suspicion of DWI. The officer gave him sobriety tests and a breathalizer. Both tests came back negative. They said that they were ordering him to take a blood test because his pulse was high. How can they justify that when anyone's pulse would be racing at that point? Also, he is in a methadone treatment program he disclosed this to the officers before the blood test was administered so it is obvious that this was found in his system. How does handle this situation?
Five months later isn't an issue because the statutes of limitation in Minnesota is three years for a typical DWI....
Can I be charged with a DWI twenty months after an accident. There was no court hearing or anything between these twenty months
I had a car accident January 14, 2010, in a slushy snow storm 1/2 mile from my home. Very shook up, from rolling my car, I came home and had some drinks. The police later arrived and I did have alcohol on my breath after the accident. In October 2012, I get a ticket in the mail for a DWI, from that January 14, 2010, accident.
Yes. A twenty month delay may make it more difficult for the state to win the criminal DWI case, however, in various...
I've had 3 DUI's in the last 12 years last one a year ago.
Just went to court today because I refused the test,. The officer took the stand and A. said I did take the test. B. I took the test at the site which I don't believe to be true. And C. I DID blow in jail and they said it couldn't be tried in court. This was in MN the last 2 where twelve years ago. I already put the intoxalock in and went to treatment already. What do you think I'm looking at? Marc
You should consult with a good DUI lawyer, You may well have a defense to this case. You should not just plead guilty....
Dwi probation county 1. Dwi charge county 2.can i have my charge in county 2 run concurrent with probation violation county 1
I got a second degree dwi in county 2 which is a gross misdemeaner.Therefore in county 1 i was on probation for a misdemener dwi which i was sent a letter stateing that i was in alledged violation for the dwi in county 2 with a court date of febuary 16th 2012 on the violation.My court date is january 15th for sentencing in county 2 .Therfore i will be in custody on febuary 16th for court on the violation.Im somewhat confused because mn statue 169A.28 STATES CONSECUTIVE SENTENCES FOR DWI CONVICTIONS.Would the new charges and the probation violation fall into statue 169A.28.So if so how could i have concrrent sentences on the new charge and the violation run conncurrent or have credit on the violation while im in custody in county 2?.please help thankyou.
Most likely the court will be inclined to sentence you consecutively. You need to get an attorney to fight both the...
I am on charges in one county a for dwi.i violated probation in county b.can jail time count towward county b from county a.
im on charges in countya.probation violation in sentencing in county a is january court date in county b is febuary 16.can my jail time in county a count toward my jail time in county b.even tho county b is later than county a.
The good news it usually can (depending on the county), but you'll need to coordinate with your lawyers to make sure...
Can I be found guilty of DUI if I blew a .06 at the station? Pulled over for improper turn.
Pulled over for improper turn. Blew .06 at station and still charged with DUI. Officer stated I put my foot down during one leg stand. Aside putting foot down twice I performed quite normally on the field sobriety test. Prosecutor offered Careless driving which I declined. Will any prosecutor pursue this to trial? ( or would judge even let it go to trial)? Thanks.
Yes it's possible. Even if you're under .08, the state can still try to prove that you were under the influence. Yes...