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  • KSP Trooper killed in shooting

    Sunday Jan 24 | via Columbia Magazine 

    KSP Trooper killed in shooting Kentucky State Police Actively seeking suspect By TFC Jay Thomas, Public Affairs Officer, KSP Post 1 Eddyville, KY - The Kentucky State Police is currently seeking a suspect in the shooting death of a KSP Trooper. On Sunday, September 13, 2015 at approximately 10:20pmCT, Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder conducted a traffic stop on Interstate 24 around the 58 mile marker westbound.


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What are grounds for performing a traffic stop in which i was charged with a DUI?
I was arrested for my 3rd offense DUI in KY. There was a state trooper behind the vehicle i was in and after we had pulled into a driveway the officer turned around aprox. 1000 yds down the road and then came back and pulled in behind us. no one was behind the wheel and no one had possesion of the keys. the officer said he observed me driving and this is a completely false simply because the vehicle has very tinted windows that do not allow anyone to see who is driving even during the daytime let alone midnight. Two questions- 1. What is reasonable grounds to initiate a traffic stop? 2. If I took this to trial with2 prior convictions would it even be possible to win? Thanks
I would strongly advise hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer for your case. Based upon your description, it...
What is the statute of limitations for a DUI in KY
I got a DUI 10 years ago. I didn't drive after that because I moved to a city where I didn't need a car. Now I cant get a license.
The statute of limitations applies to the period of time you may be prosecuted (or an individual may file suit in civil...
What happens when you get arrested for 2nd offense DUI in the state of Kentucky?
Boyfriend was driving with out a license, and got arrested for DUI when all he had done is suboxine earlier that day. This is his second DUI.
I expect that you get prosecuted twice as hard as you did on your first. I am not a KY lawyer so I cannot comment on...
Will I be in trouble for not reporting to jail to serve my misdemeanor time for a DUI when the town us under a state emergency?
Yesterday I was supposed to report to jail to serve misdemeanor jail time for a DUI. We received a large amount of snow & my town was under a state of emergency. I called the jail & they could not tell me what to do one way or the other yet they were sympathetic to the situation with the hazardous roads. I called my lawyer multiple times & left messages. The court house was even closed. I am planning on trying to go tonight but not sure if I'll be in trouble or not?
Report ASAP. Don't make this worse.
I was ticketed for DUI and careless driving what can I do it seems like if your DUI you wouldn't be charged with both
Dui for smoking pot and and smoked pot for 25 years but I refused the test so it is an aggravated DUI
You can hire an experienced DUI attorney. There isn't really anything else you can do unless you just want to plead...
I got in a car wreck and ran into a house. I had marijuana in my system for pass usage can I go to jail?
I got in a car wreck and ran into a house. I had marijuana in my system for pass usage can I go to jail?
Hard to say. Consult with a local attorney.
What will happen if I have a DUI on my record and I just received an MIP?
I was charged with a DUI a year and a half ago and this past weekend, I received an MIP from an ABC cop for having an unopened beer in my hand. What is going to happen? Will the punishment for the MIP be more severe with a DUI already on my record?
I would wager yes, considering your a minor and you've had two alcohol related incidents. Is this worth it to...