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If I was only given one field test before I was arrested for DUI could that help my case?
I was also never read my Miranda rights. Is that a big deal or not? Thanks
It's probably not a big deal that you were arrested after one field test. And the police do not have to recite the...
The dealer ship that I bought my atv says they don't install interlocks in atvs and I got picked up for it do what am I going to
I was picked up for dui two years ago and on app&p and have interlock in my car I am almost done just got finish out my interlock
As in your failure to have an interlock on the ATV is a violation, and now you have gotten into trouble? Consult with...
I had a blood draw for driving irratically. It says on my summons 0.08 grams, but I haven't had any alcohol since 1970!
I wasn't arrested, and I admitted to taking prescribed pain meds per drs orders. I don't know what to do to being accused of drinking
You need to contact an attorney at your earliest convenience. Even though the charge says .08, It will most likely try...
So my husband please guilty to a dui in Wyoming. We live in Utah. . 1st offense. In feb2013
So we hired a lawyer to deal with all of this for us InWyoming. So we were told that he lost his license for 90 days. June 17 -Sept 17. So he did this. . And he told us that the bail would cover his fine. . So in Sept 20 he went and got a new driver license. . Wich he was told it wasn't released so we called and payed the fifty dollars to release it. . And they gave it to him the next day, then we received a letter from the state of Utah saying that he now would loose his license from sept 9 fo 120 days and have a interlock put in place on his vehicle? . I have contacted the lawyer we hired and he told me their was nothing we could do because when he was told he lost his license that was only in Wyoming. And he could have been driving in Utah . ? Now what do we do the lawyer won't help
You really need to meet face to face with an attorney as this forum is for general legal guidance and it requires clear...
How severe do you think the charges with be? And will they suspend my licence?
My friend and I pulled up to this girls house in witch she was in the back seat. She didn't want to go in, and also told us earlier that no one was home. So my friend and I fist went to the front door to see if it was open, it wasn't. So we went back to the jeep.she then told us her uncle was possible comment over. We didn't think much of it, but we didn't want to sit in the jeep so we was thinking to go check the back and we did. We walk threw the gate, and seen if the back door was open, it was and the door had not of made it open Enid to fit someone threw it. As the uncle was there and hears us he went around the house behind this wooden fence, he seen us and yelled at us. We took off and jump the fence, then ran back to the jeep. Later around 1:16 p.m I got charged with mistometer.
From your question, it's not very clear what misdemeanor you were actually cited for, so it's really hard to say how...
How long does it take to get a court date if arrested in april of 2010
i talked to a lawyer he said he would have this taken care of in the middle of june with me getting my license back on the 61st day. does this mean he is working on a deal for me or does he know something i dont and is just waiting to contact me with info or is this a guess on his part?
Cannot tell what deal is being put together in UT, but in GA, that would be a PLEA to the DUI (guilty or nolo...
Hardship licenses
in the state of utah if i got a dui can i get a hardship license for work. i cant work till i have a license so i was wondering if i could get a hardship for work services till court or otherwise?
Each state has their own policies and procedures, some allowing it initially, some allowing it after a certain period...