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  • Prairieville man accused in drive-by shootings gets ...

    Thursday Jul 16 | via The Advocate 

    The last of four men accused in two April 2012 drive-by shootings in Geismar was sentenced to two years of home incarceration and five years of supervised probation as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors. Twenty-third Judicial District Judge Jason Verdigets handed down the sentence earlier this week at the Parish Courthouse Annex in Gonzales after Ronald McClure, 20, pleaded guilty to reduced charges of conspiracy to commit second-degree aggravated battery and illegal use of a weapon, court minutes say.


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  • Prairieville man accused in rape of 14-year-old girl

    Tuesday Jul 14 | via The Advocate 

    A 21-year-old Prairieville man was arrested Saturday and accused in the forcible rape of a 14-year-old girl on three separate occasions in an amusement park bathroom. An East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office deputy responded to Women's Hospital on Friday in reference to a sexual assault victim.


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  • LDWF agents make three DWI arrests during Operation ...

    Tuesday Jun 30 | via Louisiana Sportsman 

    LDWF enforcement agents cited three people for allegedly operating a vessel while intoxicated during 2015's Operation Dry Water this past weekend. Enforcement agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries arrested three boaters for allegedly operating a vessel while intoxicated during Operation Dry Water this past weekend.


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Prairieville Law

What is the process for if you get in a car accident with a suspected drunk driver?
I told the state trooper I thought he had been drinking and heard her tell the man it sounded like he was "slurring his words" when she spoke to him. I also included my suspicions in the witness report she had me write. I was issued a ticket for failure to yield and suspended license (was not aware it was suspended; unpaid speeding ticket from Florida) and then she told me I could leave. In the 30+ minutes she was there she had not given the man a field sobriety test or breathalyzer. Is this normal? Did she want me to leave so she could go investigate further without my involvement?
Up to the officer. Hopefully she persuaded him to take a blood test. If you were all over her maybe she just wanted...
I was arrested for a 1st dui my arraigment is set for Sept. What should i expect should I goto AA meetings now,will that help me
dui 1st offense no prior record ever. I was alone no one else in my car// Should the trooper have given me enough time to have my car picked up by a family member??
While I don't practice in your state, here is my take on your question. First, going to an AA meeting may be good...
What are my or my spouses legal rights if sex video was made while intoxicated and with someone other than spouse.
My wife suffers w/alcoholism for 10 years. She recently went on 4 multi-day binges this month. A 21yr man met her & provided & continued, on each occasion, to keep the influence going with alcohol and pot. Knowing her struggle w/this, she was married w/kids,suffered w/ depression & anxiety & offered to take her, rather than me, to rehab that I had already set up days before, yet he continued providing the substance until she went & all the while having sex w/ her under the influence. He welcomed her back each time & provided substance thru each binge. He made video w/phone & trnsfd to a friends. She recalls, but not to extent taken w/facial expression being the intent. What spouse/Individual rights are there? can we confirm/demand it's destuction? Is it legal consent? Do we have any right
IF the video was taken without her permission, I'd file a report with the police and hire a civil attorney to sue for...
DWI Probation problems?
I was charged with a DWI in April. I pleaded 894 with the city attorney and was sentenced to community service, AA meetings, MADD and Driving Class. However of these I have only completed the AA meetings and Community Service. I Have a full time job, but I am not driving and it gas been very hard to even achieve these. The MADD panels in my area have all passed. I am trying to find a driving school, but my court date is in a week. Will I be going to jail? Can I request probation extension to just finish these classes? I am really worried about my court date. My probation officer has not really communicated with me at all either.
Do your best to get everything completed and be able to prove it.
How do I file a motion for extension of probation, I was charged with DUI and I was but on probation, I lost my place to live
to make a long story short I lost my job which had company housing, no place to stay or money I was unable to pay fines and fees. Along with keep a phone, I did leave messages for my PO to call me and never heard from her, I believe if I could explain my situation. You see the court has filed a motion to revoke my probation, however no other criminal charges/activity to violate current Probation, Just need some time.
Why would you want to extend your probation? You need to recall any warrant. Hire an attorney. You're very confused.
After jumping bail for dui how long before the prosecution cant prosecute me for it?
a year ago i was arrested for first offense dui. I didn't show up for court and a warrant was issued for my arrest. Im really just trying to see how long does this particular warrant hold up as far as time before it is outdated.
I am not licensed in Louisiana, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in LA who answers your question,...
Is the first time Louisiana DWI removed from record after one year?
Is the first time Louisiana DWI removed from record after one year?
It depends on the terms of pea agreement. Unless it is written into provision of the plea agreement - suspended...