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Per a DUI court order on 22nd June , my license is revoked for 6 months. Could I appeal to court to reduce now ?
My DL is revoked for 6 months by a court Order on 22nd June. Not able to get a limited/occupational driving license in my residential state for an entry in national registry by Wis DMV. Could I still appeal to court to clear so that I get an limited license?
Whether there is some way for you to get a license in your home state is a question that must be answered by a lawyer...
Application for MN limited license rejected because of a national registry entry by Wisconsin.What to do?
I have a MN License. My driving privilege revoked by Wis DMV for 6 months. MN DMV revoked for 30 days. Still not able to get limited license in MN for a national registry entry by Wisconsin. Per Wisconsin DMV, the clearance will be given after 6 months. Seems , till then I'll be not able to drive even though MN revoked it only for 30 days. What to do next ?
If this happened on June 22, you could possibly get the case reopened. Whether that will help you or not is a separate...
Could I request Wisconsin DMV to consider reducing my DUI ticket and / or reduce duration of suspension of license ?
I was arrested for DUI and over speeding. Total fine on me is around $900. I do not want to challenge breath analyse test but could I place a official request to consider reducing my DUI ticket and / or reduce duration of suspension of license ? This is my first DUI incident.
First, whether you want to challenge the breath test or not, you need to challenge the administrative suspension based...
My father in law had his license revoked, the cop ran his tags which were current and gave tckt for driving on revoked license.
Father in law committed no crime cop pulled him over just because, can he do that?
He was committing a crime, he was driving on a revoked license. Assuming he was in a car registered to him, the...
Do I have a case against the city? Can this somehow be dropped?
I have been being harassed by this man for months. I awoke to death threats sent to my roommate and finally decided to go to the police for help. I had some drinks the night before but thought nothing of it, only to receive an owi after I went to the police station to make a complaint. Nothing was done about my situation and I did show the officer messages. He has broken in my house several times as well as my car, now this. I was scared when I went there, crying. I feel very neglected. Is there any case here?
If you drove to the police station under the influence instead of picking up the phone, it is unclear what type of...
If you are found guilty of a DUI in WI yet your punishment is "stayed" for appeal, will the Dmv suspend license?
I was found guilty at trial yet there are alot of questions on the evidence so I was given a "stay" on punishment for appeal. What does that mean as far as my license? Will the DMV suspend me now or wait for outcome of appeal?
With proper notice of the filing of an appeal, DOT will generally release any revocation imposed as a consequence of...
Can I face further prosecution for an OWI (FIRST) I got just over three years ago? Odd story: Had a prior DUI out of state.
This is odd. I was tried and convicted for FIRST offense OWI in Wisconsin just over three years ago. During my arrest, I remained completely silent and refused to cooperate. The police/DA somehow never found out about a prior DUI in another state six years prior. Thus, my OWI 1st SHOULD have been an OWI 2nd. Now, I have to submit to a background check (for something completely unrelated) before the selfsame police department, which will probably reveal my prior offense. Am I protected by the statute of limitations from further prosecution? As I understand it, MISDEMEANOR offenses have three year statutory limits. However, OWI 1st in Wisconsin is not, technically, a crime. OWI 2nd would be a crime. I have been conviction-free since then. What will happen here? Thank you in advance!
You need to speak to an experienced OWI attorney. Your WI OWI conviction is likely void and if the SOL has run, the...