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In VA: I failed a start up test on my interlock (DUI 2nd in 5 to 10, 2nd being in 2008). Right after, it passed me.
I failed a start up test, it locked me out for 5, then retested and I passed. Got to my destination and cut car off, restarted and I passed again. I have not even had device for a month yet and now this and I have not drink anything at all with alcohol, no meds, nothing. Is this is violation and will I get interlock extended, court again, etc? This is completely nuts. I did replace mouth piece and now seems to be working fine. But I can't keep having this happen since obviously this is a false+.
Get your attorney involved, you don't want technical problems getting you in trouble. Good luck.
I'm under 18 and got my first reckless driving is there any chance I won't get my licenses suspensed
It was 83 in a 65 at night around 9
There is always a chance. That said, as a juvenile, if you are convicted of a reckless, the DMV will suspend your...
I was arrested for a dwi in Virginia but I'm on vacation from Florida
I can't afford to stay In hotels any more i go to court on Tuesday I need my license since I'm self employed and work out of my car what do i do
You do whatever it takes to come up with the money for a VA DUI attorney. You are about to lose your privilege to...
Can I get limited driving privileges in VA if I received a DWI in NC?
I currently live in VA. I received my second DWI in the last 4 years in NC a couple weeks ago. I blew a .16. I know I will lose my driving privilege in NC for at least a year maybe longer and assume the same will happen in VA. Is there any way I would be able to receive limited driving privileges for work in VA?
What happens in VA depends on a variety of factors - and could range from a 3 year loss in VA with no ability to drive...
Can you buy a gun with a one year old dwi
I got a dwi last july 25 and was woundering if I was able to buy a gun for self defense purpsose
A Virginia attorney can probably give you a better answer; but in most states a misdemeanor level DUI conviction will...
I have been charged with a dwi .05 bac. What penalties can I expect . And, do I need legal representation ?
I was pulled over earlier Tuesday morning for suspected dui. Was given a field sobriety test then a breathalyzer test which came out .05 bac. This is a first time a offense at 51 yearso old. Wondering what penalties are and iffy I need legal counsel? This occurred in Chesapeake Va
Yes, you need a lawyer. There is a misconception out there that says .08 is the legal limit, meaning that's when they...
How long can Virginia withhold license after felony dui req. imposed by court satisfied.
I received a felony dui for refusal, spent 10 months in jail, 3 years probation in nevada, fines paid, 24-hr class done. Now 6 years later still unlicensed with no further infractions the DMV is req. interlock for 6-mo. and I have to appear in va for judges approval. I live in Nevada interlock was not req. on conviction and no BAC. given. can I petition myself from Nevada even though D.A. says I must appear in VA. I have no means to return nor will I ever return to the communist state of VA. paying an att. is way out of the equation. single father of 2. what are my options for license release.........
"Communist state of VA" - Ha! Well, it sounds like your license will be suspended indefinitely unless you resolve...