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  • Poway woman accused of hoarding 96 Yorkies pleads no...

    Monday Mar 20 | via KFMB-TV San Diego 

    A woman accused along with her husband of hoarding 96 Yorkshire terrier and Yorkie-mix dogs in filthy conditions in their home in Poway pleaded not guilty Monday to 10 felony animal abuse charges and a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. Deputy District Attorney Lucy Yturralde unsuccessfully argued that bail be increased to $255,000, saying the Yorkies were living in horrible conditions at the home of Calvert and her husband, 73-year-old Mark Vattimo, who is also free on bail.


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  • Poway man accused of hoarding 94 Yorkies pleads not ...

    Monday Mar 6 | via KFMB-TV San Diego 

    A Poway man accused, along with his wife, of hoarding 94 Yorkshire terrier and Yorkie-mix dogs in filthy conditions in their home pleaded not guilty Monday to 10 felony counts of animal abuse and one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. Mark Vattimo, 73, can remain free on his posted $50,000 bail as long as he doesn't possess any animals and allows authorities to search his home or business at any time while the case is pending, said Deputy District Attorney Karra Reedy.


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  • Poway couple arrested for hoarding 140 dogs

    Monday Feb 27 | via KFMB-TV San Diego 

    A couple accused of hoarding 92 Yorkshire terrier and Yorkie-mix dogs in their feces-filled Poway home and 48 other dogs at another location are facing multiple counts of animal abuse, the District Attorney's Office announced Tuesday. Mark Vattimo, 73, and Christine Calvert, 62, are both charged with 10 counts of animal abuse and neglect, as well as a misdemeanor charge of resisting an officer.


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  • John Gardner: In His Own Words: "I could not st...

    Feb 16, 2017 | via KFMB-TV San Diego 

    The man who admitted to raping and murdering Chelsea King and Amber Dubois broke his silence in an extended interview with News 8. John Gardner is making stunning allegations and offers new, behind-the-scenes details into his brutal crimes and the plea deal that saved his life. For more than two hours, News 8 spoke to John Gardner in a recorded telephone interview.


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Poway Law

Arrested for DUI: Alcohol/Drug combo and they didn't take drivers license or issue a Order of Suspension and Temporary License?
My son was arrested for DUI, supposedly blew BAC of .03, but officer smelled marijuana & confiscated small amount from his car & he was incarcerated overnight with bail set for $2,500. The arresting officer told him he could keep his liscense. My question is why? Should he still contact the DMV for a stay & hearing?
DMV only suspends the CDL when alcohol is involved and the BAC is .08 or higher. He does not need to request a DMV hearing.
What can I do about getting my license back?
I pled guilty to a DUI in September 2015. I had a .30% BAC. I moved back home with my parents to Minnesota. I was supposed to enroll in the 9 month DUI course. I want to enroll in a similar course in Minnesota. When i spoke with the mandatory unit i was informed since there is a charge of bac .3 the classes would have to be done in calif. The only way to get the transfer to minn. Is to have the extended dui suspension changed to a non extended standard dui. If the judge would grant this then the waiver maybe approved. If not I will never ever ever be able to get her license. What can I do? Is this true? I am so confused. I just want to get this over with. Help please and thank you.
It's true. The DMV is a monster. Contact the MAU again and ask about about a waiver.
Under 21. Do I need to complete the three month DUI course if I get a critical need license?
I am under 21. I pled guilty to a wet reckless. My BAC was .07% and I got the 6 week course. I am filling out the critical need license forms and my friend told me that to get a restricted license I need to take the 3 month course. If I get the critical need license will I have to change to the 3 month course?
What does your lawyer have to say about this?
What can a lawyer do for me 2nd DUI within 10 years and prior DV?
I was pulled over @11:30pm 3/8/15. This will be my 2nd DUI. The first one was over 3 years ago. So I am not on probation from the DUI, but i am on probation from a DV. The DV occurred approximately 1yr ago. It was reduced to a vandalism, but I am still in a 52 week DVRP. I was pulled over for speeding. Supposedly 90mph from one on ramp to the off ramp. I stated i was approximately driving 65mph. I admitted to one beer. Field sobriety test (I believe i failed.) and Breathalyzer on field (I believe .17) three blows. Breathalyzer at station was .13 with three blows. Booked and bailed out. Didn't mention any details about the situation over the phone with bail bonds.
Well, firstly there are 4 potential dismissal issues we investigate to determine whether there are any foundational...
Can I appeal a restricted drivers license denial from the DMV in CA? Is there a form?
Under 21. First DUI offense. Request denied. Doesn't make sense. I need to work.
The DMV is very harsh on under 21 drivers with DUIs. They want it to hurt. Did you have a lawyer helping with your...
I was convicted of a felony DUI with great bodily injury and my license was suspended for one year with the DMV.
Can I get a restricted license to drive to and from work? Is there an appeals process?
The attorney who handled your felony DUI case is in the best position to answer this, but, it's unlikely you can get a...
I crashed my truck and got a second dui in the last eight years. what are my chances of beating it? what are the penalties?
my bac was .19
beating it with a .19 an accident unlikely. keeping you out of jail getting you alternative sentencing Lessing your...