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I have a felony dwi conviction in Feb. of 2008. Is it possible to somehow obtain my right to bear. arms ever again? This wo
This would be for deer hunting purposes
It is possible. The first step would be to get an expungement. Was the conviction where you live now? Google the state...
Can a person be charged with 2 owi's in two state for the same case
Fled the officer from wisconsin to Michigan and got a owi in each state
Yes two separate jurisdiction and when you crossed the border it became a separate crime.
In the state of Wisconsin can a person who has had 3 DWI's and 2 felony's get them removed from Wi CCAP?
There has been a person who is an acquaintance that has been verbally harassing me. I went on his CCAP file and found that his 2 felony convictions were gone as well as his 3 DWI's. Is it possible to have something like that removed? He is a con artist type of person and he started dating someone who may have access to a data base such as CCAP. I'm thinking that this woman did this for him as a favor. He is a slick talker and can easily mislead people.
It shouldn't be possible to have them removed before their normal purge dates. http://wcca.wicourts.gov/faqnonav....
Can I drive in Wisconsin on my Valid Michigan drivers license?
Received OWI in Wisconsin. Michigan has not been notified of Wisconsin OWI as of yet and Michigan tells me my license is valid. I was in the middle of moving to Wisconsin at the time of the arrest so now living in Wisconsin but still work in Michigan. Wisconsin has convicted me and am on 6 month suspension. Tried to obtain a Wisconsin Occupational but was told I could not by Wisconsin. Tried to obtain a Michigan occupational but was told my license is still valid so can not.
You can only drive with a valid license. Check with the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles to see if you have a...
DUI and Background Check for Respite Care Worker
I was convicted of a DUI last year. A friend is looking to have me be a respite care worker for her foster kid. Will I be allowed to offer this service to her or will my DUI prevent this? Thanks for your help!
I am not licensed in Wisconsin, so please take my answer with that in mind. I do not think the State of Wisconsin...
Can i fight a second dui with a bac of .12 after being pulled over for speeding?
i was convicted for a dui 1st offense and the courts never found my first dui now they found out of my first dui the are reopening my case? charging with my 2nd dui
You can fight it by yourself, but your chances of winning are slim. You need to find a lawyer who can help keep you...
Can I defeat my dui charge based on the officer not offering me a different test due to my injuries?
I had 5 ribs broken and a punctured lung just prior to this and said i couldn't do the walk and turn test, he placed me under arrest and didn't even offer a different test.
While this could certainly help your argument that the police officer didn't have probable cause to arrest you, he...