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What should I look for when hiring a dui lawyer?
I live in Poulsbo, Wa and am in search of a dui lawyer for my brother-in-law, who is also a resident. I don't know the exact details since he is quite ashamed, so I just wanted to find some tips for when searching for one. I have found some good info from here http://www.tolmankirkclucas.com/areas-of-practice/. Thanks for your time.
I use this site for find lawyers in areas and in fields with which I am not familiar.
I just received a second DUI in Washington State and was planning on moving to Canceled 1 way ticket/interviews Is this possible
First DUI was in 2006, off probation and all charges dropped September 2011. My arraignment in Monday 5/21 and need to know some options. I willl be requesting a public defender.
I don't quite understand your question. If your DUI was dropped 5 years after you were charged, my assumption is that...
How much time will I get with good behavior for 90 days and if the jails crowded ?
I'm going in for 90 days and would like to know how much time I will actually serve .
Here in grant county a person gets 5 off per 30 at the normal jail. If at the work release facility if eligible you...
Do they have the right to test something that they said is positive charge me with it without them showing me what they found
I get pulled over they search me put me in car ,show me something blue and charge me with possession,they had never showed me what they say that was in my possesion
They have the right to pull you over and, if they find suspected drugs, they have a right to field test and arrest you....
My attorney wants to postpone my courtdate ?
I have suspended license charge and probation revocation together on the same court date already went to arraignment plead not guilty.. I have next court date June 7th but my attorney wants to push it ahead of time. How far ahead of time do they push it?
You have an attorney and this is his strategy. Ask him.
Can I be arrested if I plead not guilty to suspended license charge?
My probation revocation hearing and aisle fed license hearing is in courtroom 201 today at 8:30 am can I be arrested if I plead not guilty to new charge. Also how can they give me a prob hearing if I haven't been found guilty of new conviction? Thank you.
Is your DWLS charge 3rd degree, meaning you were eligible for reinstatement at that time? If so the first thing to do...
I have a probation revocation hearing the same day as my suspended license charge?
I am confused I have a violation of probation hearing the same day as suspended license arraignment???? I haven't had a chance to plead not guilty. Is there a bail for probation violation hearing?
If you have a private criminal defense attorney representing you, the attorney can enter a plea of not guilty on your...