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This is my 2nd DWI in NY in 5 years and I am looking at a Class E felony. I already have had my license revoked and I am facing jail time. I blew a .28 which is aggravated, there is a witness testimony and video evidence and self admission. I know I am screwed and I know I have to face whatever charges I am brought to. I have had a great job for over 7 years. I've been attending college and I have been blessed to have been able to keep my job even though all of this is going on and my license is revoked. I have never had a felony in the past and I am in fear I will spend years in prison. I know if I go to trial I will lose given all the facts mentioned above. I am looking for an honest opinion and advice. I'd like a lawyer that actually cares for my future and not just my money.
You are probation eligible even if you plead to the felony. A lot depends on the attitude of the Judge and or the DA....
I had one prior AI 11 years earlier, and a second the year before the offense in question. The lawyer I obtained did absolutely nothing for me, I received the initial charge. He had assured me It would be reduced to a misdemeanor. Several police officers attempted to reach him as character witnesses, during the course of my court appearances, he did not return their or my calls, and I have seen many cases in more severe contrast to mine end with misdemeanors as a result. If I complete my 5 year felony probation sentence, is there ANYTHING I can do to attempt to eradicate the felony? I also completed everything asked of me to re obtain my license, with letters from the judge, po, and psych eval, and DMV superseded my obtaining my license. is this permanent in every state?
You blew twice the legal limit and it was your second DUI. Did your case go to trial or did you take a plea. Also did...
I lived on Maui previously and have a job waiting there, I have to complete a Drug and alcohol program for my probation requirements. Can I transfer the remainder of my probation and complete the requirements on Maui?
You can make a request. The new state will have to accept the transfer. Speak to your probation officer. Good luck.
She is in her early 20's. She cooperated, was arrested, let go home with a relative without bail, they did not revoke her license. They set a court date in a few weeks. What should she do first? She doesn't have any money, they told her she could get a public defender, how can she get this ccharge reduced what should she do first? She was taking cough medicine at the time and had brushed her teeth and rinsed with mouthwash prior to going out that nite. Could that have affected the blood alcohol level, both products contained alcohol? How does she make her case?
She doesn't make it here. I'm not trying to be critical or offensive. But this is a forum for general guidance....
I was pulled over for a DWI in New York in June 2012, at the time I was a Massachusetts resident with a Mass license. While awaiting my first trial I moved permanently to New York and became a NY resident with a NY license. This occurred in mid-July 2012. My first court date on July 24, 2012 the court took my NY license. I was convicted of the DWI in December 2012 and am paying for it and satisfying all the requirements (interlock, DDP, VIP, fine/surcharge, etc.) in New York. If I were to move back to Massachusetts in the future would I have to go through anything related to the DWI because at the time I got pulled over I had a Massachusetts license? Or would I be able to get a license without issue because I switched it to NY and satisfied all of the requirements to get it back?
Sounds that legally you may seek a Mass license if you satisfied all the requisites of the NY ordeal, yet I would call...
Here's the background/timeline: 8/14/11 - moved from MA to NY 10/1/11 - arrested for DWI in NY w/ MA license; advised by attny to obtain NY license ASAP 11/16/11 - obtained NY license, surrendered MA license at DMV 3/30/12 - DWI case resolved - pled to DWAI, paid fines, surrendered NY license in court; 90-day suspension began 4/19/12; did not do NY DDP (not required by court, didn't need conditional license, and low on $) 5/21/12 - received notice from MA about pending 1-year MA suspension 7/20/12 - NY license reinstated 7/27/12 - MA license/driving privilege revoked for 1-yr To try to get MA side resolved, I spoke w MA RMV and was told I'd have to serve out 1-yr revocation due to not doing DDP, and was also told my NY license is not valid due to MA revocation. Help?
Doesn't make sense that NY license is not valid due to MA revocation. You should speak directly to the NYS DMV.
Got second dwi (.10) while driving on a suspended license. Charged with two e felonies. Got free consultation as a lawyer was not exactly in my budget, and was told that the aggravated unlicense operator may be able to get dropped down and even if not, due to having no prior felonies and working full time in the area, I may be a good contender for probation, along with community service and some alcohol programs. I was hoping to relocate to Charlotte before this incident took place. Wondering if that is still an option.
If you are sentenced to probation it will be in the county where you were convicted (i.e. the county where the incident...