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What to file in court to get a judge to return my license
In 2006 I lost my license for non-support and was placed on probation... I completed the probation in 2008 and have still not got my license reinstated. The circuit said I had to file something but couldn't tell me what to file... The drs says i need twenty and a order from this court to return my license
I admire you for considering doing this on your own, but I believe you are in a situation where an attorney can really...
Do I have the right to travel in the state of MO.
My license to operate a motor vehicle was suspended for child support. Under def. of law though I only use my automobile for travel. Not as a motor vehicle. Can I resend my licence and reg. And exersise my constitutional right to free travel?
No no no You don't have a "right" to drive a motor vehicle.
I got a 3rd dwi in mo could I get my license back
I have 2 prior dwis but the first on was dropped to defective equipment does that count as a dwi since I refused to blow
You can, but the right question is when? Call the DOR or go into an office and see what they tell you. They're pretty...
Is it possible to avoid jail time on a 3rd dwi in mo my 2 other dwis where in 2007 and 2004
The first one was dropped to defective equipment and the second one was dropped to sis and how long will my license be suspended
As the first DWI was not a DWI after amendment you should only have been charged with a DWI 2nd. Avoiding jail time on...
A friend got a DWI in state of wa.he did 8 months.he is suspended. He got stopped in mo. What will happen?
Moved from Washington to Missouri. Got out of jail November .
What was he stopped for? Speeding? DUI? The answer to your question of "what will happen" also depends upon whether...
Can DUI sentences change from state to state?
My boyfriend is a former Ohio resident who recently moved to Missouri, while in Ohio he obtained 3 DUI's and received a 5 year suspension on his drivers liceanse, he is halfway through his suspension but was recently told by Missouri DMV that his suspension is now 10 years because he resides in Missouri. Is this accurate? Can your sentence change state to state for DUI's?
The general rule of thumb is that the state DMV views an out of state offense as if it had been committed in the...
Adminstrative alcohol suspension
Going to school to get my class a CDL. Applying for jobs. I have an adminstrative alcohol suspension in 2012 would this show up on the background check? And can I get it removed. Where it dnot show up?
If it occurred after you turned 21 it will be on your driving record. The real question is what happened with your...