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How am I suppose to feel about this situation?
I was sent to take a drug screen at work.I passed the drug screen and i feel as if the lady was prifling me because of my looks.I was the only guy in the whole warehouse to get tested because the lady said she smelled weed.She told the owners it was me.After I passed I talked to the owners and was explainin to them how I felt on the situation they feel as if it's no big issue.I been through gping back and forth to jail over smoking and still on papers to this day.I have taken drug programs and changed my life around so this really offends me.I have yet to receive a apology or anything.
Why do you think she was profiling you because of your looks rather than because of your record. Your employer knows...
Can you get a probation violation if convicted of a DUI on unsupevised probation?
can you get a probation violation if convicted of a DUI on unsupevised probation?
If you are on probation and commut a other cri.e then yes, you have violated your probation. Obviously, a condition of...
How far back can the courts look into your criminal record?
I had two 1st offence dui in 99, and i have a hearing for a dui in June, will the courts see my record from 99?
They will see it but they go back 10 years if they are charging you for DUI 2nd offense.
What is the probation period for a 1st DUI in VA? Can a public intoxication violate probation even if VASAP was completed?
I got a 1st DUI conviction in Dec. 2013. I was told the probation period was for 1 year. During that year I completed the VASAP classes with no violations. At the end of my year, in Dec. 2014, my VASAP office said I was finished with the program and cleared me to get my license back. This past weekend, May 2015, I got a public intoxication charge in a different city. Even though it has been well over a year since conviction for DUI, can this public intoxication charge affect my probation, whether I am convicted or not?
If you are charged with a new crime during a period of probation, it can be a violation of your probation. However,...
If I blew a .25 is it mandatory jail time or is there a possibility with a good lawyer I would have no jail time?
1st offense DUI , i blew .25
If the DUI is charged under the enhanced punishment statute - Va. Code 18.2-270 - at a .25 then the charge does carry...
I got convicted of refusal DUI in 2010 and now facing DUI 2nd is it possible to get the 2nd reduce to first DUI?
The refusal was in front of my home I did none of the test and had a court appointed lawyer at the time.
Every case is dependent upon its own facts. I suggest you speak to local experienced attorney to discuss the defenses...
Reinstating revoked drivers license in va
Home > Research Legal Advice > Legal Advice on Classic Case Of A Dog Chasing Its Tail. I Have 2 Dui's Which Are 7 Yrs Apart. I've Complied With Vasap And Paid All Related Fines To Have My Drivers License Reinstated. My Problem Now Is My Previous Vehicle Was Inoperable And Junked Jan2013 And I've Been Getting Rides From Co Workers To/From Employment. I'm Attempting To Get My License But Given A Hard Time. The Only Option I've Been Offered Is Getting A Breathalyzer Installed On A Vehicle Before I Even Get The License! Simple Enough But How Can I Even Purchase A New Vehicle Without The License? Is There Any Way Around This? For The Record No One Is Willing To Let Me "Borrow" Their Car
You should consult with an experienced DUI lawyer in Portsmouth about the best procedure for getting your license back....