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  • 1 killed, 1 wounded in shootout with authorities

    Tuesday Nov 10 | via KRON 4 

    A U.S. marshal says two fugitives were lying in wait when marshals and West Virginia troopers tried to arrest them at a campsite, and opened fire when they were ordered to surrender. The officers returned fire, killing 26-year-old Dale Maverick Hudson of Burnsville and wounding 36-year-old Peggy Chaffin of Portsmouth, Ohio. 1 comment

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Portsmouth Law

Got a dui 3 years ago in ohio and got a job offer in Louisiana is it possible to go through the steps of getting my licence bac
lisence is currently suspended
You don't say how many DUIs you have had or what the suspension is. If you have not paid the reinstatement fee to the...
I live in Ohio, I had a DUI in 1998, a felony(theft) in 2001, is there anyway i can get my record expunged?
ive tried to get a hearing but they're saying im wasting my time because ohio just dont do this. I know of a person that was in the same situation as me, same judge, but she was white (and I'm black) and she got hers expunged
Find pout from the Clerek of Courts who "HER" Lawyer was and make an appointment to talk with him.
What type of lawyer do i need?
overturned the car.as a result my friend and i were both unconscious and she died from suffocation i was charged for vehicular homicide paid a wealthy fine suspended liscense for 2 3yrs and 3 yrs probation 90 days house arrest and was ordered to pay the mother restitution for the funeral.the mother then sued her insurance company for $115,000 for funeral and hospital costs because i had no insurance.now the insurance company want me to pay them the money back and have put a hold on my liscence again when i was to receive them back this month and i was wondering what should i do i HAVE ALREADY BEEN CHARGED TRIED AND CONVICTED FOR MY CRIME and according to all of this i have to pay the mother twice for the funeral and have my liscense take twice should i get a lawyer and what type of lawyer
It sounds like retaining an attorney would be beneficial to you. As to what type of attorney to hire, I would imagine a...
Getting a license in ohio after a dui in california.
I got a dui in california last october, i after that had my license reinstated after signing up for alcohol classes and getting the idd put in my car, last month i decided to move to ohio and i was informed i could get a license here after waiving my rights to have a license in california for 3 years. After i moved to ohio i called the dmv mandatory actions unit and asked them to send me that waiver packet and they said i can only get it after my suspension period is over. So my question is , is there no way to get a license in the state of ohio until my suspension peroid in california is over?
The DMV controls the terms for obtaining an Ohio license. If they tell you that you have to wait until the CA...
I have no recollection of a night however I am afraid that I was taken home by police for DUI.
The next morning my car, keys, and license were with me and I did not have a ticket on me (unless I lost it). Is it possible that I got a DUI or am I being paranoid?
My experience is that you would not have been taken home so you are probably being paranoid. You can check the dockets...
Can a person be taken into custody if they are intoxicated inside a non moving vehicle.
My boyfriend went to sleep off his alcohol in the car while I ride got there. A cop pulled up and formed a sobriety test, he did not pass and was taken into custody and taken away. His car was later searched, with out his knowledge, and then taken away by a tow truck. He now sits in custody with a $1000 fine. What do we do? Who do we call? can they just take him away?
The short answer to your question is yes, usually they can. The charge is commonly physical control of a motor vehicle...
I received OVI summons to attend the court.
yesterday i boosed 4 pegs of whisky and after 20 minutes my friends asked me to drop them to nearest club in my car. So i drunk and drove the car for 36 minutes till the club and at last moment police came near my car and told me to come out and asked me to do some simple excersizes so i did it with out any mistakes. And he asked me to do breathe test i gave it and after some time he asked me to do second time then i refused to do that. I told them that i simply came to drop my friends to club. Police gave me ticket for OVI and summons to attend the court. Please suggest how i can get help to get rid of the case and how much it costs for me. You can reach me on my cell : 5129542880 if you need additional information.
We are not permitted to reach out to you directly or quote prices per AVVO terms of service. You should hire an...