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I have a prior DWI in NH in 2006. I just got my license back last year with a 5 year probation attached. I dont know what the means.
A DWI subsequent offense is serious. You should retain an attorney right away. Regarding a probationary license,...
She had been drinking. Blew a .10 at the police station. They never read her her miranda rights either. She was asleep in the car at the time when the cops knocked on the window and woke her up.
Yes, it is legal. No, they are not required to read Miranda warnings unless they intended to question her while she...
Several of us stayed at a hotel so as to not drive drunk. A guy I was dating was invited back to the room by my friends (total five). He had his friend leave and during this time. I was unconscious from too much alcohol (very unusual--I 't drink).He had sex with my friend and then when he tried with me,I woke up and started crying. I realized that was why he wanted his friend out of the room.He posted that he had "the best night ever" while in the meantime I was at the hospital. When I found him on top of him, I tried to get him off and he is telling people I am violent and crazy. He kept pouring alcohol into my drink. I take full responsibility for trusting him but how is this OK? . I went to ER & they did rape kit because "I lacked capacity to consent" What can I do?
I assume you made a police report? That is really what you can do right now. Obviously you don't want to get yourself...
I was arrested for my first DWI, took the field sobriety tests and blew a .11, I was told I could refuse the test but was never told the consequence if I refused. I was taken to the police station but was never handcuffed, never put in a cell, they never searched my person and they let me keep my personal items the entire time(in the back of the cruiser and at the station). I was asked the basic questions; name, address, social, where I worked, etc. I was finger printed, had my picture taken, etc. however I was never read my rights or told that I was "under arrest". I paid the bail commissioner, was released that night and was given a court date. How should I plead in court? I can't afford a lawyer, do I need one if I try to fight it?
I would advise getting a lawyer. The consequences of having a DWI on your record are harsh and long lasting. Just...
I have a tongue piercing that has both plastic and metal parts. I soak them in listerene (which has alcohol in it) before changing it. I blew a .11 on a breathalyzer after having a mixed drink however I changed my piercing a few hours prior. Could that have effected it?
Doubtful. Consult with a criminal law attorney
the prosecutor offered 30 days for the DUI2 plus a 7 day multiple offender program and 30 days for the driving on the suspended license. The court day is a month away. I am not really a resident of NH and don't plan on ever returning to this state for the rest of my life. It is a bad news place for me. If I end up back in Colorado and never take care of this by going to court and doing my time, does it even matter?
If you fail to appear in court for your pending DUI, 2nd Offense and Driving After Suspension misdemeanor case, you...
All of this happened over 8 years ago. My question is since I know longer live in the state and can't get back there for court, Can I do some type of plea by mail? Either way, if I plead guilty is there a mandatory jail sentence for this type of offense?
If you were convicted of DWI in New Hampshire and did not get your license or driving privileges restored or reinstated...