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Prior to this DUI I wanted to apply for a Probation Officer position. Can I still apply for this job?
I recieved a DUI, last month, I was in the process of applying for a Probation Officer Position. Can I still become a Probation officer, even though I will be on Summary Probation?
Were you convicted yet or charged. if there any way to lower it this may be very helpful.
Court dismissed dui dmv did not now i did get a dui and its counting as 2. How can I get the DMV to recognize this as a 1st offe
The vehicle was parked for a number of hours. I was outside of the vehicle checking on my dogs. No keys were in the vehicle at all. The officers said they contacted me because I was not parked properly. I asked if I could take a picture in my defense. The officer said sure. He hit my phone out of my hand, threw me onto the hood of his car and then tried to get a breathalizer from me while I was in jail. He charged me with DUI and 5 counts of assaulting an officer. He told me I had no rights. The DA dropped all charges because they said it seemed suspicious, plee bargained to one assaulting an officer. I have no criminal record. The officer was fired. Now I did get a DUI and the court is considering it a first time offense, but DMV is considering it a second. How do I change this?
This is definitely a case where you need an attorney... and I do not say that all the time. The problem is with...
What should I do about my DUI?
I was driving from a friends house after having 2-3 drinks, there was a car behind me and once I realized it was a cop I had a feeling I was going to get pulled over because my licence plate tags were over due, I wasn't too worried since I had the day pass, I was right on the corner of my home and as I proceeded to go in my driveway the lights were put on, I finished driving my car into my driveway and was asked why I didn't stop, I got taken to jail and I did a breath test and came out to be .077 I spent the night there and went home with a DUI charge and for some reason a resist arrest, should I contest it?
Get an attorney- especially for Fresno! Day pass? You have only 10 days to deal with DMV from your arrest. Get an attorney!!
Dui refusal
If the DA offers to strike out a Refusal (because of the discrepancies that led to it) as a plea bargain. If you decide to proceed to trial, can you use that "refusal strike plea bargain offer" against them at the trial. They want to charge for a DUI based on the preliminary breath test result among other tests that will be challenged at the trial.
NO, you cannot. Settlement offers are not evidence of anything, really, and are inadmissible at trial. How would you...
I got a ticket for DUI for drugs?
They stop me for the reason the cop said was that I stop at a dime whatever tat means they embraced me to the fullest after the million test the did even breath test and put me under arrest. Took me down to the station and continue to give me more test and again give me breath test and every time it can out 0.00. Then after when they were frustrated they force me to give them a blood sample and didn't let me see the documents of my rights or didn't want to let me go after they draw my blood they give me my ticket on the ticket the time they written it out was 10:01pm I was nearly arriving at the station at that time. So my question is how do u written a ticket for something u haven't even determine yet when I didn't arrive to west valley till 1:13 am. Please if u could help me out I'll be thankful.
I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but DUI drugs is generally a misdemeanor. That means they can release you...
Can my dui change get lowered or dismissed first dui no criminal background
Pulled over cop said I was swerving I had one tail can 24oz about a hour before and was drinking one when I got pulled over cop smelled it I said I had drank a tail can about a hour ago the stop took about 5 min. I did 3 test eye,count fingers,lift leg for 30 seconds I know I passed all 3 because I wasn't impaired but he said I blew a .104 he said you been cool so I won't tow you're car there was 2 cops so one drove my car across the street and then they drove me about 5min away pulled in I guess a station one cop went in and got the other test I blew he said .103 the first time he had me blow 2 times that time just once got out 12 hrs later and got my car and went back to work
Possible, yes. But you'll need to hire a lawyer to fight for you. Without a lawyer, it'll be extremely difficult. We...
Can I negotiate the Emergency Response Cost to a DUI?
I received an invoice from the city of San Diego charged me $1265 for Emergency Response Cost to a DUI. My DUI case is still pending. Also there had no any accidents involved, nobody got injury. I would accept to pay the fine for police but 1265 is very high. They didn't list the detail of fees that I have to pay. It's very ambiguous. My question is can I reduce my payment or call them to negotiate?
I would talk to your criminal defense attorney about this. Your attorney would know the facts surrounding why there was...