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  • Portland mayor struggles to keep work environment sa...

    Mar 24, 2017 | via OregonLive.com 

    Tension hung in the air at Portland City Hall Thursday after protesters took over the City Council meeting Wednesday, wearing gas masks, wielding sticks and projectiles and yelling crude comments about Mayor Ted Wheeler's mother. Commissioner Nick Fish told all employees in his bureaus and on his staff to stop attending City Council meetings, saying the sessions have become too dangerous.


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How long legally wait to report new charges when on misdemeanor probation Davidson county TN. Community corrections Robertson co
Just last night got pulled over officer ran the cars tags it's in my grandpa's name his license is good but another man unrelated also came up whose license was revoked his hair is long kinda like mine so the officer pulled me over based only off hair length think I was this man I'm not related too he is certainly not on the registration of the car at all. Officer comes up to my window asks me for my license my response to him is why have I been pulled over he refuses to give me any reason till I give him my license since my license is revoked i give him my Valid TN ID card. He then proceeded to pull me out of the car Pat me down searches my wallet and finds a misdemeanor amount of meth. I then get put in the back of his car his partner searches my car while the other officer works on the computer typing the citations up during this time I get him to explain what reason he had to pull me over he goes through the story at one point mentioning something about miss identifying me as the unrelated man. At this point I see a picture of this man though he does have similar length hair his is a little longer then mine just looking at his face you could tell it's not me. Can I fight it?
1, The terms of your probation and asking your probation officer directly will answer when. 2. you can fight any...
Will a DUI conviction revoke my Concealed Carry License? If so, for how long? Is it the term of my suspended license or longer?
DUI conviction August 2015
Often times the head of the state police for the state you live in makes the call on who is approved for a concealed...
I pled guilty to a dui today in Kentucky with a 30 suspension on my license. I live in Tennessee and work in Tennessee.
How long will the state of TN suspend my license. This was my first offense. I was told it would take a couple of weeks for my suspension to take place in Tennessee. My license was confiscated today. My lawyer had no idea how TN law worked. And how do I go about reinstating my license after the 30 day suspension from KY.
Contact DMV to find out what you need to do to reinstate your drivers license.
Can a lawyer help with driving on revoked? This is my 4th offense
I am in the process of getting my license back but am not eligible to until November this year.
Driving on revoked is not an offense to mess around with. It often has a mandatory 45 consecutive day sentence for the...
Can I get more time to get a lawyer if my dui court date is tomorrow?
I have dui court tomorrow. I havent been able to get a lawyer for financial problem. But now i will be able too. I have a consultation with a lawyer after court. Will the judge let me have more time. and reschedule the court date?
The judge may be a little perturbed that you waited until the last moment but ultimeately should grant you the...
Can DCS take my child because I failed my first pregnant drug test and refused drug test postpartum.
I failed my first test for marijuana because I was unaware of pregnancy. I quit during pregnancy and thought everything to be fine. I have my baby and he's perfectly almost 4 mths old. Now I've been contacted by DCS regarding that positive test and asked to submit another test. Upon refusal I'm told that's fine but they'll be talking to my older daughter. Why? What about?
If you refuse to submit to the test they will likely take both of your children. If you continue to refuse to take the...
What does it mean when a case is open where someone got caught driving on revoked license
Was wanting to ask because my granddaughter mother stays in trouble and she got caught driving on revoked license. and that's what it said on court records
Open means it is not closed or resolved................................