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Is the dui in oregon a felony
I got a dui in oregon back in 99,left and never went back,now I have a hold on my license.I live in utah and now have 4 other dui conviction since then,o7,o8,11,11 are the years I got them
No. The Oregon DUII is not a felony because you weren't convicted of two duiis in ten years BEFORE you were arrested...
I have an ignition interlock device on one of my vehicles, can I l drive my other vehicles without a device?
Ignition Interlock Device required for two years. I was told that I could drive our other vehicles without the device as long as one vehicle had it installed.
No. You're not allowed to drive without an interlock under this scenario. There are circumstances when you can get a...
An attorney for a incorrect right hand turn a reckless driving and under the influence in Coburg Oregon with a commercial vehicl
They also trying to charge me with a DUI Under the Influence they did a few variety I mean a sobriety test no conclusion took me into the jail their expert did his little horse and pony thing and took a urine sample and a portable toilet put the sample in his bag and then they took me back out of service for 24 hours the next day I don't think it's right I went in and to medical clinic and have them do a urine sample for me it's results came back yesterday this happened on Saturday and my results were negative any drugs I also had negative alcohol breathalyzer test I do believe that they were waiting for me or any poor driver their lights were off they were parked down the road aways when I made the turn start to make the turn they turned on their headlights and made me believe that I was going to be hit by an automobile so I hurried up my turn would put me over the center line which gave them the right to pull me over and start charging me a bunch of reckless driving and proper right hand turn and then to do a search and to try to get me for a DUI they also charged our challenge me on my log for not being completed because I did not fill in the five minutes that I had stopped at
Use the find a lawyer tab above to look for an attorney in the area and set up an appointment to have a full discussion...
What is the law in Oregon if you fail an interlock ignition device test multiple times showing a high level of BAC?
I am NOT in diversion...I have my license. I also only have one month left until my year of having the IID is up?
If you are NOT in Diversion, I assume you are on some kind of Probation--either Court/Bench probation, or Supervised...
Why can they see that is this legal? What should i do? Take this to court?
So i applied for a job and when they did a background check my DUI pop up, the background company was checkr. I had already fully completed my diversion!!!
Yes this is legal. Although you successful completed diversion and the case was dismissed, under OREGON law you cannot...
No ticket in Missouri 1983 they want me to go to DUI class I live in Oregon they won't give me DUI class could never have one
Got ticket in Missouri 83 I want me to go DUI class I live in Oregon they won't give me do you like I never had one what can done
Confusing question. The best thing to do is to speak with a dui attorney.
Duii felony
Back in 2013 i got a duii felony my question is can i get a work permit? my disabled daughter that has a lot of appointments. if i write the courts restate my license if that would work. i have pay all my fine and done all that the courts ask me to do.
Unfortunately, there is no work or hardship permit available for a lifetime revocation imposed with a felony DUII....