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Are there any travel restrictions to Caribbean due to DUI
I had a DUI Convection in June 2014 which was dropped after completing DUI Diversion Program (June 2015) in Oregon. I am planning on taking a Caribbean cruise next to Grand Turks, La Romana (Dominican Republic), Curacao, Aruba (Netherlands Antilles). The cruise will be leaving out of Florida. Could I be denied entry at the port of calls? I have a Valid US Passport.
This post is in the criminal defense forum. It is not about that, rather it is about travelling to the Carribbean,...
Is it a criminal act if my upstairs neighbor in our condos, damages my property while intoxicated.
My upstairs neighbor fell off the wagon got drunk, broke her toilet and and was so drunk that she failed to turn off the water. When it started raining in my condo I went upstairs to find her reeking of alcohol and totally incoherent so I turned off the water. Because of a subrogation clause my insurance had to pay for it, but now she is harassing me within an inch of my sanity and I'm wondering if I can file criminal charges against her?
You could file a police report over the harassment and see if the police do anything. But it would not be criminal...
Can a sis be used against you by the dmv in oregon as a conviction ?
Dmw is interpreting my sis agreement as a conviction and suspending my license
"Suspend Imposition of Sentence" simply means: putting someone on probation who just got convicted of a crime. If...
What is my options here I'm going to lose everything?
I moved to klamath Falls or. my license is suspended in Ga. With a $250.00 reinstatement fee for dui year's ago. I took the required class and have certificate for it. They are also held for child support twice once was lifted but there is two $35.00 reinstatement fees for that. I have a girlfriend that stays home with our child and I pay three hundred a week for rent so I can't really come up with much money. I work at henris roofing and they are threatening to get rid of everyone with no license so I really need mine back now. So is there any way someone can help me or what can I do
Q: What is my options here I'm going to lose everything? A: Sadly your options are limited. You can either pay...
What's the mandatory laws in Oregon, on driving while revoked duii?
This is my 6th duii. 4 of them were 12 years ago and 1 of them was just a couple years ago. I didn't blow or do a sobriety test not blood work. I have trial in a couple days and my attorney, who is court appointed, has not talked with me at all not did he show at my status check hearing last week. All my past 4 duiis affect my outcome? This charge is also 2 years old now as it stands. Please give me some advice in the right direction. Thank you, out I time.
Not sure what your question is. If you are asking what can happen if you are convicted, then there are certain...
Husband was arrested for driving while suspended. Can I go talk to the judge to try and get him out?
My husband was arrested for driving while suspended misdemeanor. The judge set his bail at $ 1,000. I don't have the money to bail him out. He is the sole provider for the family. We are homeless and living in a motorhome on the side of the road. He is supposed to be doing some work for someone who has a trailer that we were going to move into. Now he can't cause he's in jail. The only reason why he was driving is because my glasses broke while I was driving and I can't see without my glasses. We were going straight to Walmart, about 8 blocks, to get something to fix my glasses. We just got a car from a friend and didn't know the license plate light was burnt out. We were pulled over as we turned into Walmart parking lot. Tried explaining why he was driving but wouldn't listen. Now his bail is $ 1,000. Can I go talk to the judge to try and get him out? If so how do I do it?
It appears your husband will likely qualify for court appointed counsel. He should apply for the same. It is highly...
Is the dui in oregon a felony
I got a dui in oregon back in 99,left and never went back,now I have a hold on my license.I live in utah and now have 4 other dui conviction since then,o7,o8,11,11 are the years I got them
No. The Oregon DUII is not a felony because you weren't convicted of two duiis in ten years BEFORE you were arrested...