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Am I the subject of a misdemeanor, according to the law, if I had DUI and I am on a Diversion Program?
I am in the DUI Diversion program in Oregon and I need to renew my Insurance Agent's Licence. The renewal asks if I have been convicted of any Misdemeanors. Do I state yes or no, I thought that by being in the Diversion program, my record would be clean? The Diversion program just started a month ago.
You should double check with your lawyer as s/he is familiar with your case. The diversion program allows someone to...
What's the length of the sobriety period and drug testing for Oregon DUII Diversion?
I've just entered the DUII diversion program and I'm seeing conflicting information. Many Portland attorneys have posted on their websites (and this website) that the diversion program requires a minimum period of 90 days of sobriety. This seems in conflict with the diversion contract itself which requires one year of sobriety. Which is it?
The diversion period last one year; during that time you are not allowed to consume any alcohol or controlled...
Can I take ibuprofen non perscribed for a tooth ache if I have a ua tommorow
I have a dui and taking diversion
This is more of a question for a doctor than for a lawyer. My understanding is that ibuprofen can cause false positives...
Australian citizen involved in car accident. DUII & Rckls End/Drvng charges. Held until Oct 12 trial. How do I get him out now
My Australian friend traveled to Seattle to visit me last week. He rented a car on Wednesday and drove to Portland where he reportedly ran a red light and hit another car. All three people were taken to hospital for non-life threatening injuries and treated. His charges include DUII, Reckless Endangerment and Assault II. He is being held at a detention center and I can't get ahold of him. It took him 2 days to get to a phone to call me. Assault II carries huge bail. How do I get him out now so he isn't sitting in jail until his trial?
Contact his attorney, to find out whether the judge set bail and for how much. If you don't know who his lawyer is you...
Does Oregon extradite from Wash. D.C. on a bench warrant for FTA for arraignment in a felony DUI?
I received the DUI two weeks ago in Washington County, Oregon, paid bail, then got on a plane to fly back to Washington D.C. where I live. No property damage or injury resulted from the DUI. I realize I'll lose the bail. I understand the minimum jail time is 13 months, could be up to 5 years - if convicted plus permanent loss of license . I think I'd prefer to walk away from the bail and keep my freedom.
There will be a warrant out for you. If the DUI is a felony, there is a very good chance you will extradited to OR,...
So I got a duii, and I have court tomorrow and the D.A. is offering diversion program, can I represent myself, Portland Oregon
I have had a duii back in 1993, so long time ago, I have already seen the judge once because I thought I was going to get an attorney but I didn't, so can I represent myself or will I be in trouble, or just accept the diversion program
You'd be in a lot better spot with an attorney. Most attorneys will meet with DUII folks for free, and the Bar has a...
Got cited for speeding and failure to install iid. But it was the company car. Will the courts kick me out of diversion?
No criminal history. First time offender for duii. Currently in diversion.
It's a condition of your diversion that you not drive without an interlock device. You will likely receive a letter...