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Greencard, First DUI. Is there a chance of deportation because of first DUI?
I am a green card holder. Got arrested for DUI on Oct 21st 2016. Granted with Diversion in November 2016. I am undergoing treatment programs. I am sure that I will successfully complete my Diversion program. My license will be reinstated from next week. I dont have any past convictions of DUI or any other crime. Will ICE arrest me? This is the biggest mistake I made in my life. Can any one clarify if I would have any immigration consequences because of the DUI arrest?
You need to consult with an immigration attorney immediately. They offer free consults. Good luck.
Am i able to get a cdl with two prior dui convictions that ocured with a class c 2008 20013? I have never had a cdl
I want to get my oregon cdl and have two prior duis 2008 20013 I have never had a cdl before would these duis stop me from getting my cdl?
This is not a criminal defense question at all, it is about getting a cdl license. If you want to find out for sure,...
I'm getting my IID 3 months after required. Will I be penalized?
I'm a dui conviction. My one year suspension ended in November but I just finished the required treatment yesterday and received my DMV certificate. I'm now required to have an IID for a year. I was under the impression that I needed to finish my treatment and receive my certificate before I could apply for my license. I'm in the process of getting my IID installed. Once I get SR22 insurance and an IID installed will I be penalized longer (longer suspension) for waiting 3 months before going into the DMV? Will my year of needing an IID start once I get it installed or is it during the term of my 1 year requirement? (November of this year).
Yes I believe your requirement to have the IID for a year will continue for one year from the time you received it. Go...
10 day DUI hearing request falls on weekend
Arrested on 12/22 for DUI. I submitted an online request for hearing today, January 1, which is 10 days from the date of the arreat. Monday is the next workday. Will I be barred from having a hearing because it is 11 days for the agency to RECEIVE? The notice says it excludes holidays. This Sunday is a holiday AND a weekend.
Answered elsewhere, but your request will likely be timely.
How Long of a Jail Term could be served for Repeat Offender DUI?
My Fiance was arrested on Christmas Eve in Portland, OR and charged with: DUI II, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangerment (passenger adult male. No injury and there was no accident), Parole Violation, Driving while suspended/revoked license. He was 4 months away from being off parole. He has had 5 DUI's total in the last 15 years. How much could time could he get (maximum) and what can we do to help. Single mother with very little money
If he has 3 DUIIs in the past 10 years, he's looking at a minimum of 13 months prison. His exposure is probably...
Can I fasten up my DUI lincen suspension once I'm done with the classes and treatment ASAP?
I have to go to a class and take a treatment for the DUI. Is there anyway I can fasten up things if I finish my classes and treatment before the expiration date that the court gives me?
By law diversion lasts one year from the date you enter. The classes only last a portion of that year. The soonest...
What can I do? Or how can I get help?
I got a DUI ticket 4 weeks ago. And I got my license suspended. Is there any way I can have it to just go to work and get back home? Or get it fix ASAP?
It depends on whether your DUI is your first one. Was your license suspended from this first DUI? If so, you can...