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Is it legal for cops to park their cars and walk down the street from a club and give tickets to people who are trying to park?
My husband and friends received tickets while trying to park, the cops flagged them down with flash lights is this legal?
Tickets for doing what? If they were doing something that calls for a ticket, then the police can give them tickets. If...
Do I need a Dui Attorney?
I was parked with an open alcohol container by a lake. I have the music on when we walked from the pier. So when the police came to the car and shined the flashlight I had to to a field sobriety test, which I passed. So I blew in the breathalyzer and blew a .08. My fiancée blew a point .04.. He was going to be driving home anyway, which I'm sure will be irrelevant. We live less than a mile from where we were parked, btw. They did not take me to jail, however they gave me and open alcohol ticket and I have to appear on the 17th of July for a Dui? I could really use some advice. I met with a attorney the next day and we don't have much faith in the man. For the money that it will cost I want the best possible outcome, thanks for your time.
I am not licensed in Mississippi, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in MS who answer your...
Does the traffic ticket for a DUI that the officer issues with a date. Is that the date you actually go to court??
I ask this because my loved one has already been to court over the weekend with his 48hr jail visit for a 1st offense suspicion of dui/other. He went in in on Sunday and was released Tuesday after seeing judge. He had 2 other tickets that were already taking care of 1 was proof of insurance, Seat-belt. The court said they would send in the mail a court date. Why would they still give you these citations with a date and time at the bottom of the citation/ticket??
It sounds like this person will be facing prosecution in the Madison County JUSTICE COURT, located off of Highway 51 in...
What happens if you cannot pay a cash bond for your loved one of 1,500 for DUI 1st offense? Do you wait to see the judge??
Also charged with No seatbelt and No insurance. The person does have insurance but didn't have the correct card in the vehicle.at the time. The deputy said Court is on Tomorrow and I am bringing the proof of insurance on his behalf. What will happen next since we couldn't pay cash bond for the 1,500.00 (Madison County MS) Will they let him make arrangements on this fine??
Call a bondsman and hire an attorney.
Regarding a DUI what is the difference in non adjudicate and expunge?
3 yrs ago my daughter got a DUI. We hired an attn to get it off her record. She fulfilled all requirements but when she applied for a job it showed up. Attn blamed it on slow courts and now says it has been Expunged . But when I ask for Documentation he said there is none because it was expunged. I called justice court and was told it has been non adjudicated but not expunged. Is it off her record or not?
Talk to her attorney. If it has not been expunged, there was no non adjudication 3 years ago unless a minor in certain...
What questions should you ask an experience lawyer/ Attorney besides what he specializes in and how many cases has he won.??
I ask this because we have spoke to 3 and all of them seem very eager. My loved one has been extremely quiet about this, as it has been mentally draining , scary with all the things going on with the law and enforcement. For hard working tax paying citizen you feel that you were taking advantage of for much needed revenue for the state.. We are just taking this all in slowly.
"Winning" is a relative term in criminal defense. Sometimes a conviction is unavoidable, but a good defense lawyer can...
I was arrested with dui other, failure to control my vehicle, and paraphinalia.
I went to the emergency room 4 hours after the accident to get a drug test because the police did not administer one. It came back negative for everything. The paraphinalia is the plastic wrapper off of a cigarette pack. The Dr said it was a seizure which runs strong in my family. I have an appointment with a neurologist now. What are my chances of beating this?
None of us can tell you what your chances are based on this little information. However, we can all agree that your...