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If you are found guilty of a DUI in WI yet your punishment is "stayed" for appeal, will the Dmv suspend license?
I was found guilty at trial yet there are alot of questions on the evidence so I was given a "stay" on punishment for appeal. What does that mean as far as my license? Will the DMV suspend me now or wait for outcome of appeal?
With proper notice of the filing of an appeal, DOT will generally release any revocation imposed as a consequence of...
Can I face further prosecution for an OWI (FIRST) I got just over three years ago? Odd story: Had a prior DUI out of state.
This is odd. I was tried and convicted for FIRST offense OWI in Wisconsin just over three years ago. During my arrest, I remained completely silent and refused to cooperate. The police/DA somehow never found out about a prior DUI in another state six years prior. Thus, my OWI 1st SHOULD have been an OWI 2nd. Now, I have to submit to a background check (for something completely unrelated) before the selfsame police department, which will probably reveal my prior offense. Am I protected by the statute of limitations from further prosecution? As I understand it, MISDEMEANOR offenses have three year statutory limits. However, OWI 1st in Wisconsin is not, technically, a crime. OWI 2nd would be a crime. I have been conviction-free since then. What will happen here? Thank you in advance!
You need to speak to an experienced OWI attorney. Your WI OWI conviction is likely void and if the SOL has run, the...
Recently I was arrested for a DUI but was never read my rights. Is this normal?
When arrestted for a DUI are they entitled to read you your right? If they do not can they use any of your comments as evidence once in custody? Would the blood tests they take be admissible even though they never offered me a lawyer before taking the test?
You may or may not be read your rights upon arrest. This only matters if you make any statements after you are...
Can an officer make you take a breathe test even if you pass soberity tests?
I was wondering if you have to fail the soberity test or refuse them in order for the police to make you take a breathe test... I passed all the field tests and yet the police made me take a breathe test anyway. Then had me arrested. Is this allowed?? I do have a squad video of the tests. And though the police reports says" failed because I swayed back and forth, put her foot down 3 times and hopped up and down" The video clearly shows I did none of these things. The video shows I did exactly as he told me. Yet he made me blow. Do I have any kind of fight here?
It is difficult to comment on your question because some of the information is unclear. There is the preliminary breath...
What will happen when I go to renew my driver's license, given that I was convicted of 1st offense OWI (though I have two OWIs)?
I was charged and convicted of first offense OWI almost three years ago. During my arrest, I was entirely uncooperative, and remained completely silent. The police/court somehow never found out about a previous, out-of-state DUI conviction I had from six years prior. Thus, I was tried and pled guilty to OWI (1st) in traffic court. It is now time to renew my license, and the form requires me to list all prior drunk driving arrests. If the DOT finds out about my previous conviction (as I think they will), what are the legal ramifications? Can I be retried or punished again? Will my WI conviction be relisted as a second offense, either in the DOT or DOJ databases? Any help or insight would be GREATLY appreciated, as I'm terrified of what may occur.
If you lie on a DOT form relating to renewal of your license, you risk elevating your misdemeanor drunken driving...
Is there a time frame for bloodwork to hit the lab in a blood BAC test?
Hi, I recently had a blood draw at the police station and just got the paperwork back. It states it took the lab 9 days to recieve when it is 1 city over. Is this normal? Is there any time frame they must follow?
I do not practice in Wisconsin, yet in similar lab blood tests in DUI cases in Illinois it may take several weeks for...
Per a DUI court order on 22nd June , my license is revoked for 6 months. Could I appeal to court to reduce now ?
My DL is revoked for 6 months by a court Order on 22nd June. Not able to get a limited/occupational driving license in my residential state for an entry in national registry by Wis DMV. Could I still appeal to court to clear so that I get an limited license?
Whether there is some way for you to get a license in your home state is a question that must be answered by a lawyer...