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Can I be charged with an OWI after the fact because I was only given a ticket for an MIP? And do I need a lawyer?
I was pulled over and went through some field tests. The officer said he was going to only give me a ticket for MIP. He gave me a breathalyzer test and it came back at .085, he said he would follow me back to my dorm and then he allowed me to drive back.
Second question first: Yes, get an attorney. You are talking about criminal charges that, if you are convicted, may...
Dui charges denied. What exactly does that mean?
Recently pulled over for a dui. Refused breath test, opted for blood test. When I called for a court date I was told the case has been denied by the prosecuter. I tried to find out exactly what that means and got no concrete answers. What is the liklihood of the charges being picked back up? Going on 30 days now. Original court date was to be whithin 10 days.
I would contact a local attorney. Sounds like your blood test came back under the legal limit. Call the Court Clerk and...
Can my federal po violate me for failing a polygraph test?
I am on federal supervised release. I'm due to have a polygraph soon. As it is order that I take them. Can the results be used to send me back to prion? I have heard different answers to this and would deppeffemtly appreciate and clerification Thank you
Since you have brought up the subject, it seems you are saying that your conditional supervised release includes the...
Car stolen and crashed.
My car was stolen sometime last night and was crashed and recovered before I was able to report it stolen. Cops think I did it while drinking. What do I do?
You should consult with an attorney immediately. I know that this may cost you money but, if you are charged with drunk...
Can I answer no to DWI when obtaining car insurance quotes
I pled guilty to a DWI with SIS in December 2014. (The Dwi occurred in Missouri but I now reside in Michigan) Once 2 years passes (December 2016) it will be removed from my record. So two questions: 1. Once I am able to remove SR22, will that lower my rate? 2. Once the charge is dropped completely in December, am I able to answer "no" to this question by car insurance companies: "Have you had any DUI/DWI violations in the last 5 years"? Thank you!!
1. Yes. 2. Interesting question - key word "violations" - Asker, it's not asking for a conviction. It's only asking...
In MI it's not a felony for a second one how does this work between the States with that and my license in Michigan
I live in Michigan got my first DUI in Michigan a couple years ago. I just received my second one in Indiana and I'm being charged with a felony
Each state has their own laws and they vary from state to state. What one state considers a misdemeanor another one...
Does kalamazoo county probation use etg testing when your on probation for a owi?
Owi offense 6 month probation random urine screwns
I have seen them use them, yes. If you are going to try to game the system, my advice would be don't. You will...