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What happens in court if a person is picked up on a DUI and is not a citizen but has a permanent resident card?
This person has lived and worked in the US for 30 years and has no former convictions. He is not working now because of a disability. He has a ME license . He was told he will lose his license for five months and will have to pay a fine of $500.00. This incident occurred near his home and the State policeman who stopped him said he had passed him at a stop light, which he didn't do. Then went on to ask why the lights were not on in his house. Apparently this officer had been watching him for some reason for quite some time. I don't understand why customs and immigration would have anything to do with this and it is causing him a lot of stress since his lawyer told him that. Can you give me some information on this? Thank you
Being charged with OUI will not trigger any collateral consequences with INS, but if there is a conviction, then INS...
Drove sober drank soon as I arrived for 3 hours. had a dispute with my parents, they called cops, cops asked had I been drinking
an driving. I said no. cop asked you been drinking hear..i said no. got arrested. I drank on side of road. blew .22 . parents said I mite of been there for 1 hour or 3, they didn.t know cop did ask where did you drink...I said nothing so with that said what are my chances at d m v hearing. I have a class a license ?
Your chances might be pretty good if you get a good lawyer on board. I don't completely understand the timeframe but if...
If a liquor or convenience store scans your license when you buy alcohol can that information be seen by police?
I am on deferred disposition for a DUI than prohibits me from drinking or buying alcohol. I recently went to dinner at a friends parents house and bought a bottle of wine to bring without thinking because I wasn't personally planning on drinking. I am almost a year sober and my sentence is almost up so I'm wondering if they will see this when I go back to court.
It is possible, but unlikely. The information is not uploaded to a central governmental computer if that is your...
What happens to my driving record if I'm dismissed of an OUI in court but not through the state motor vehicles department?
I had an OUI dismissed, but the laws of my state allow the Secretary of State/Bureau of Motor vehicles to give me the penalties separately, as if I had been found/pleaded guilty (based on breathalyzer results). My question is, even though my criminal record is clear of the charge, will my driving record ever clean up from it? I've noticed when looking for auto insurance quotes, they can be vague as to whether they're looking for convictions or just your driving record (or both). Thanks in advance.
The administrative suspension will remain on your driving record.
Hello-I wanted to know if I had a few dui's over 20 years ago if I can still get my CDL in the state of Maine
I am currently in a CDL Program at NTI in Bangor Maine and while running the background check we found that my privilege to drive in the state of Massachusetts was revoked from DUI's over 20 years ago. I have had my license in both the state of RI and ME over the past 20 years and do not have any violations of this type and have not had anything major either since that time. Can I still get my CDL in the State of Maine and drive in the State of Massachusetts as long as I get my privileges in that state reinstated? Thank you for your assistance with this request.
Only agency to answer this is the licensing agency for getting a CDL call and ask or go online to see if your are...
How long does the grand jury have to indict you on a DUI in the state of Maine?
I was arrested in April for a felony DUI and I still have not been indicted.
That is an unusual length of time if yours is a Cumberland County case. They tend to be vety efficient with the Grand...
Will I be able to get a job, (especially those working for the state), if I have a misdemeanor from 'driving to engdanger'?
I was pulled over in Maine and given a physical sobriety test. When brought into the station for a sobriety test I blew a .07. I was originally charged with a OUI, however since it is under the .08 level the DA's offer was to drop the OUI charge and charge me with "driving to endanger" which comes as a misdemeanor, with a 30 day license suspension and $500 fine. Is this an acceptable charge? Would it be in my best interest to try to fight it so that I don't have a record or would it cost me just as much for a lawyer and not be worth it? I'm just worried about getting a job with that on my record, especially because I hope to work for a state run environmental agency.
1. yes you should hire an attorney to advise you after looking at all the facts and evidence might just get it...