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i didnt feel any impairment, no eye problems or judgment issues not believng the test is correct anyone atty found that to be true?
The machine is not 100% accurate. Hire a good criminal defense lawyer.
I took a conditional plea to an 1192.2 with 1 year interim probation. I was told that upon the completion of IP, the charge would be reduced to 1192.1. DMV is now telling me that my license is suspended until the completion of the case. I went to DMV 2 days after the plea. Was it too soon for them to get the dispo from the court, or is my license suspended until I complete IP? What if anything can be done to obtain a conditional license?
It will all depend on what the conditions of your plea and interim probation are. You should immediately consult with...
Recently convicted of DWI. Prior DWI 20 years ago. Court suspended license for 6 months. Now DMV has revoked it for 5 years based upon prior conviction 20 years ago.
Yes when your revocation from DMV for 5 years was sent to you there should have been an appeals document informing you...
I was on my way to church and took two interlock tests and failed them and then just gave up and walked to church. I had been taking cold medicine the day before and that morning it honestly didn't cross my mind before that. I called my PO and left a message since it's a Sunday. I am on 3 year probation about a year and a half in. I served a 5 day jail sentence I am just really nervous and want to know what I should do now and what to expect
The judge will be notified that you failed an interlock test and it is possible that he or she could revoke your...
I took a plea in Suffolk County to VTL sec 1192.2 with 12 months of intermittent probation. I was told that after a year my plea will be modified to a 1192.1. The judge did not say anything about my license being suspended. Is it suspended? For how long? Am I eligible for a conditional license?
If you pled to a driving while impaired your license would have been suspended for 90 days but you very well am...
I was sentenced on 4-11-2013 conditional discharge…..I met all court order requirements VIP CS 12mths interlock however I don't own a vehicle and my drivers license is sus/revoked until 9/2014 could I apply for a conditional license in nassau county NY? My attorney had applied for an appeal that was was denied and in the process i had a stay order and that is why the suspension/revocation went into affect in september
This is a very technical query that cannot be answered here. Nonetheless, apply all they can do is deny you re-licensing.
can i get a dui if its not on the police report but its on my medical report?
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