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  • Police officer in station shooting sued

    Wednesday Mar 1 | via The Star 

    The father of a man who died while in custody inside the Port St. Joe Police Department two years ago has filed a lawsuit against the officer who was the only other person present at the time of the shooting. Paul Pierce, whose son, Jonathan, died in the shooting, filed the negligence lawsuit against David Garner, at the time a sergeant, earlier this month.


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If i got a speeding ticket and a dui the same time and i beat my speeding ticket in court can I beat the dui case. Florida
i received a speeding ticket then another officer stop and decided to give me a dui. If I beat the speeding ticket court is there a chance I can beat the dui to.
If the basis for the stop was speeding then you may have a valid motion to suppress. Good luck.
Interview set for I-485.DUI.No Insurance. Hit a wall
Hello..I have applied for I-485 for employment based adjustment of status. My case has been scheduled for interview. I once involved in DUI in 2009 while driving without insurance in West Virgnia while driving under Texas Licensce. The incident took place 0.1 away from my home when I was making a right turn I hit a concrete wall. No one was hurt and no property damage. Will this effect my case ? Is this a crime of Moral turpitude ? What type of lawyer should I retain ? My current lawyer is in New Jersey but my case will be in Miami
Immigration law is federal, it doesn't matter where your immigration attorney is located. Yes, hire an immigration...
Do they drug test at DUI courses?
Out-of-State, First offender, required to attend FL DUI course. Waiting to hear. FL license. I am here alone. Lost my husband 16 months ago. No friends/family here. My therapists and doctors know I smoke marijuanna for health and nerves, but worried about DUI testing.
Not normally, however, included in most DUI sentences, with the mandatory DUI School is an alcohol/drug evaluation and...
Can i get dui if I picked up a drunk passenger?
I'm not in that situation,it's that I'm curious because I don't find answers
DUI = Driving Under the Influence. Key word here is DRIVING.
What is a #1 DUI with property damage mean
Got a dui in 2010. I got in a bad wreak avoiding a truck that ran out in front of me with an eye witness verifying that. I had bleeding on the brain and they did blood work barley over the limit....9 months later i got charged for #1 DUI. I payed the tickets on property damage which was a street sign a month after my accident
Sounds like #1 DUI means that this is your first arrest for DUI. And DUI with property damage means exactly what it...
I got a DUI. Can I smoke cigars?
I recently got a DUI. I haven't went to court or my classes yet. I am aware that they will drug and alcohol test me. But I was wondering if I could smoke cigars?
At last check, cigars are legal. I hope you plan on retaining an attorney to help you with the DUI
While on probation my son was arrested for DUI ,
The state has a poor case because when the officer got to the scene he was asleep in the car, the car was off and to the side of the road... they never did the breath test or "walk the line" because he suffers from epilepsy and told the police officer he may have seizure episode and was taken to the hospital... now the state is threatening my son with the violation of parole case because they don't want to lose the DUI case, they want him to make an "arrangement".. The strategy was get him out of the DUI case before seen the judge for the violation of parole.... It is legal what the state is doing? Can they threat a person with getting jail for whatever is left of the parole if he doesn't make an arrangement?
I assume you mean "probation", not parole. In any event, the State would have to prove that your son violated his...