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  • Four months, no answers in - officer-involved' shooting

    Thursday Jun 11 | via The Star 

    Four months to the day since a shooting inside the Port St. Joe Police Department left one man dead, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement continues to investigate the "officer-involved" shooting. Additionally, questions about the length of the investigation, originally estimated by Port St. Joe Police Chief Matt Herring at six to nine weeks, were left unanswered.


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If i got a speeding ticket and a dui the same time and i beat my speeding ticket in court can I beat the dui case. Florida
i received a speeding ticket then another officer stop and decided to give me a dui. If I beat the speeding ticket court is there a chance I can beat the dui to.
If the basis for the stop was speeding then you may have a valid motion to suppress. Good luck.
VOP from a DUI/refusal to blow
9.5 hrs b4 trial 4 VOP (failed ETOH test or didn't take DUI class due to finances, which his PO was aware & ok)it occurred to me that my fiance is just going to take jail time if offered to avoid probation as the arrest caused him to lose his job, car, apt & belongings. We haven't spoke because we have no money. I recently moved to GA. Will he be able to change his mind after the trial if I can talk to him? Are there any programs for indigent couples to talk to each other or get canteen???? Is there away to see him via computer? He's in Lee Cnty, FL, I'm in Bartow Cnty, GA. I don't even get to say goodbye to him. Can he make money in there? Can he get out early??? Is there any way I can get a message to him by 1045am?? I'm sorry so lengthy, I'm distraught. Thank u 4 ANY help u can offer.
This message board is probably not the forum to answer all the questions you have. Instead, you ought to call your...
Can i get a cdl class A license with two dui convictions from november 1987
11/87 i stood in front of a judge and pleaded guilty to two dui's would that prevent me from getting a tractor trailer license in July 2015
You may want to call the good folks at DMV in Tallahassee (850-617-2000). If you follow the rule of the 3 "p"'s (be...
After 20 months of a car accident under the alcohol influence, I got a citation to court, Can I still be charged with a DUI?
My car was total lost, but the other car got minor damage less than $800. I was taken to the hospital and dismissed the next day. My driver license was not removed. Nobody got injuries. I was 18 years old at that time. What should I expect now?
You can be prosecuted for a DUI/Property Damage up to two years from date of the incident. That said, simply sending...
DUI case Dismissed and 6 month suspension period expired, does my license automatically get reinstated?
DHSMV decision appeal is also pending in DCA. now how do I get my DL back? I never applied for hardship license and just waited it out. Am I required to attend DUI school or pay those outrageous reinstatement fees? How do I avoid it all? can I motion DCA for a stay?
you have to show proof of completion of the the dui school and pay the reinstatement fee if you don't want to wait for...
What happens when you blow a violation on your interlock device?
First DUI. Interlock on my car for a year. This morning it said I blew a violation and had a bac. I called immediately (I was on my way to work) and the young lady told me to wash my mouth out and change the mouth piece. I did this, it said "warning", but I was allowed to drive. Five minutes into driving I blew a pass. I was told I need to bring my car in to get it serviced in four days to avoid a lockout. I’m outraged. If there was alcohol in my system, then how was I able to drive (and pass) so soon? I tried speaking with a supervisor, but no one will call me back. What can I expect in terms of probation, court, possible revocation of license, etc?
Don't bury yourself so quickly. That and KEEP YOUR COOL. These machines are finicky and they screw-up on...
I have a BPO Liscence with a interlock restriction (P). When traveling, can I drive a company rental car with a sworn affidavit?
When traveling on business, can I drive a company rental car with a sworn affidavit per the company leased vehicle provision in Florida Statute §316.1937(7)? I'm not sure if a company leased vehicle is also interpreted by the court as a company rental vehicle. Webster's dictionary defines lease as: "a legal agreement that lets someone use a car, house, etc., for a period of time in return for payment" Is there any case law clarifying the company leased vehicle provision in Florida Statute §316.1937(7)?
If I were you I would carry a copy of the statute along with the affidavit from the company. Don't forget the second...